Why Seeing Escorts Is Better Than Cheating

I’m not going to sit here at my desk and judge you on your possible reason to go and see other people when you’re already in a relationship; we’re not bound by monogamy or religion anymore. Whatever your reasons to fulfil the urges that can’t be satisfied by your partner, seeing an escort for one night is highly recommended, over finding another person to cheat with.

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Professional courtesans know what kind of services you require, and they also know how to fulfil your urges, whether they would be intimate urges or platonic ones. By the way, I want to debunk the myth that people only go and see escorts for sex, because an escort provides time and companionship, and whatever happens between them is consensual.

Yes, there are a lot of reasons why seeing an escort is better than finding a stranger, or an estranged friend to sleep with, but what are the main ones to ensure you have a good outcome after a rendezvous?

Reason #1: All secrets are well hidden


If an escort talks to her friends about her intimate rendezvous with you, she will be shooting herself in the foot. In this day and age, the general public is still sceptical and judgemental about the escorting industry, which is why many courtesans still keep quiet about their profession.

You wouldn’t believe how many of my friends gloated about their affairs to me as if they should receive a medal for committing that affair. Some women talk about their affairs because they want to improve their social statuses, while other women talk about their affairs in order to process what they have done. Talking about an affair is different to actually doing an affair.

If you’ve slept with a woman you’ve just met at a bar, or an estranged acquaintance you haven’t met in a while, there isn’t a guarantee that your name won’t be spread amongst the latest gossips of her group. Have you ever watched that episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S where Joey explains about ‘the trail’ to Ross after he slept with Chloe? You’ll know what I mean if you have.

If you’ve slept with an escort, she would have not want or need to talk about her business with her friends, because it is, literally, her business. There is a big chance that her friends and family don’t know what she does for a living, so talking about her business would put her job in jeopardy.

Reason #2: STI-free sex is a 100% guarantee

Escorts always protect you and themselves by using condoms

It is very rare for an escort to have sex without a condom. As mentioned in the last section, escorts spend time and companionship with their clients because they make a profit out of it. Anything that could affect their health or wellbeing, like an STI, can stall their work and put a dent in their business.

When it comes to meeting other people, they have the choice to not use a condom which would increase the risk of both of you getting an infection, not to mention HIV. I’m not saying that you should ask your next fuck buddy if he or she is clean or not; the answer would be a slap on the face or a black eye.

As well as being less inclined to use condoms, they’re not obliged to use one because they’re not making a profit from their intimate companionship with you. That’s not to say that every person you’d meet would never use a condom. In fact, it depends on the guy or girl you’d sleep with whether they’d use protection or not.

Reason #3: No Love Allowed


No one can ever have full control over their emotions. Ever heard of the idiom, ‘the heart wants what the heart wants’? You can’t control what the heart wants…

Now, I don’t know what you guys believe, but in my opinion, sex and love are different, and I’m sure escorts would agree with me. If you meet an escort that you’ve suddenly grown attracted to, and you find yourself shot by cupid’s arrow, it’s very likely that she will stop seeing you.

Why? Because you wouldn’t want to start getting jealous of all of the future clients that your ideal escort would meet, and you couldn’t expect her to quit her job just for you. Sorry if I sounded harsh there, but life is harsh.

Furthermore, love is a complicating emotion that we can’t fully understand. You can fall out of love with your current partner and fall in love with the person you’ve had an affair with. You can still be in love with your current partner, but also start to fall in love with the person you’ve had an affair with.

An escort would end your lovesickness immediately and call it quits with you to save yourself from heartache. With another person, well, you wouldn’t know if you would still be in love with your current partner, but the person you’ve had an affair with would start to fall in love with you; that would get very messy.

Escorts truly know what you need


At the end of the day, it’s all about what you want about in your intimate life; you can’t help but scratch an itch that you’d want to get rid of, or satisfy. But escorts know where to draw the line and when to say that the companionship isn’t going to end well.

Cheating on your partner with another person can make things messy. You wouldn’t know whether that person may want to have you to his or herself, not to mention if he or she is STI free or not. Whereas with an escort, they know how to satisfy you, and how to say their goodbyes, if the only thing you needed to do was to scratch an itch.

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