Seeing An Escort For The First Time

Since escorting is not in the school program, there are many men who have no idea how to behave when seeing an escort. This is one of the reason some don’t even dare to have a special date with a courtesan.

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Well, though it’s not something difficult, everybody should read a guide for this activity, especially because many men don’t know what attitude to have towards sexy service workers. As they are women, who make a living offering services, I would say to treat them like women who make a living offering services. This attitude involves Respect and consideration.

Now, no matter what you have been told, they are not prostitutes, as they charge you for the time they spend with you, not for sex. Of course, sexual activity might happen but that is something that usually happens between two consenting adults.

Besides treating sexy service workers with appreciation, you might also need a few tips on how to find, book and meet your perfect companion. So, here is your complete beginner’s escorting guide. Enjoy!

OK, Sherlock Are You Ready for This?

When you decide to offer yourself a special treat and to spend some time with an escort, you want to find your perfect match, don’t you? You can easily do that if you use our website and follow a couple of easy steps.

The first thing you have to do is find all the courtesans in your area. To make everything easier, you can personalise your search not only by choosing the exact location, but also the amount of money, as well as what you want to experience. So, you can choose between sexy dating, hot massages or kinky dominatrixes and click the search button. A bunch of profiles will appear on your screen. You just have to go through them and pick the one you fancy.

Now, looks are important. Who doesn’t want a date with a girl who has perfectly round boobs? But before setting up a date, you have to take other aspects into consideration. For example, you might want to check if their pictures are verified, and if she enjoys the same sexy activities you are looking forward to experiencing.

In addition, though gambling is a fun activity, you definitely want to read the escort reviews before you make a final decision. Of course, there might be new sexy workers who lack reviews and in this case, you get the chance to be the first one to help them in building their profile!

All this info is available on the profiles that popped out in front of your eyes when you pressed the search button. But, there is more. Our website also has a ONLINE COMMUNITY that can be very helpful not only with providing info, but also with giving you the chance to have some fun with people who share similar interests. Also, you can even chat with your “potential dates” in order to get to know them before actually meeting.

However, be careful what e-mail address and name you use when becoming a member of our community. Though there is nothing shameful about dating a sexy service worker, judgmental people are everywhere and using a work e-mail address might damage your career. Since it is better to be safe than sorry, keep your naughty business private

Now, It’s Time to Plan Your Fifty Shades of Fun!

After you have completed all the steps mentioned, you are definitely ready to make a good decision. So pick your favourite sexy escort and give her a call!

Now, if you are a shy person, talking to her on the forum might have been the best idea. However, talking on the phone should be normal, just like you talk to your friends, calmly and casual. In addition, your conversation should be short. So you better know what you want before she answers as escorts are not free phone sex lines.

What you have to keep in mind is that you should not use withheld numbers or texting. In the first case, you can choose between your personal phone or one specially bought for this type of occasions. Again, try to stay away from your work devices!

Furthermore, many of the escorts on our website are already famous for their services. So, even though you can call on short notice, if you want to make sure your favourite courtesan has time for you, book in advance!

Be Clean, Think Dirty!

After you booked your preferred lover, there’s nothing left to do until the big moment, when you must get ready for your date! Many people don’t understand why they should prepare for a meeting they paid for. Well, don’t you expect people you meet to be clean and smell nice, even though it’s a business meeting or one for pleasure?

So, prepare for this rendezvous, like you usually get ready for a date. So, take a shower, shave, wear perfume and make sure you have clean clothes.

It’s Like…Sex on Your First Date!

You know everything about finding and booking a special date, as well as about planning everything. You only have to learn how to behave when you meet your short-term partner.

If you’re getting an outcall, make sure you are a good host and your house is welcoming. Offer her a glass of wine and make her feel comfortable. Then, it’s her turn to make you feel pleasant. You know what they say, what you give is what you get.

If the rendezvous is not at your place, be discreet and on time! Also, Don’t turn up drunk or on drugs. Nobody is obligated to deal with this, not only because you might smell bad, but your behaviour can be completely different than you imagine.

In order for everything to go smoothly, you should tell your sexy fellow what you want and your desires should not be others than what she offers. You should know that since everything was available on her profile.

Also, expect safe sex! All escorts are tested and clean, but using a condom is mandatory. Usually, they carry protection with them as it is their responsibility to make sure the protection is adequate, and if they are OK with unsafe sex, you need to end your date.

We’re almost over with the guide since I am sure you know how to deal with the rest of the date. Just remember To be gentle and to take “no” for an answer.

The Best Way to Say “Thank You” to an Escort!

Getting the money out of the pocket and trying to get change back is not the best way to end the night. You should have the exact fee in cash, pre-counted and put in an envelope. You can give it directly to her or just put it on a table at the beginning. Make sure you leave it where it can easily be seen.

The best way to end the date is to actually say “Thank You” , maybe leave your escort a gift or a tip and definitely leave a review.

That’s the complete guide you need to take into consideration before having a sexy rendezvous. Make sure you follow all the steps, but don’t forget to relax and have fun!

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