Ryanair Don’t Want You To Join The Mile High Club!

When it comes to sex bucket lists, most of us will share a few similarities. Things like threesomes tend to be standard, but other unusual things might appear, such as “joining the Mile High Club”. It is an exclusive club to join, which only makes us want it more. However, not everyone is eager for you to gain membership.

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Airline Ryanair have become determined to stop passengers from joining the club, after an incident on one of their Ibiza-bound flights gained them a lot of attention. So what lead to Ryanair taking action, what do they plan to do, and is it worth joining the Mile High Club?

Sex at 30,000 feet

We love sex. There is nothing quite as exciting and thrilling as sex, especially if you were to add a little risk or make it kinkier than ever. BDSM might work for some, but others prefer to do something different. They want to add a little height to it.

In this case, specifically more like 30,000 feet of height to sex. It was at this altitude that passengers aboard a Ryanair light to Ibiza were shocked to discover that some of their fellow passengers on board were not enjoying the in-flight entertainment, but were instead getting down and dirty.

The video, taken by a passenger who said “I had to get my phone out. I have never seen anything like it”, soon went viral. He also added that “somebody complained about it. But the crew did nothing”.

More to the story?

As with anything, there are many different sides to the story. While many were shocked by the video itself, others were horrified to learn that the man receiving this attention actually had a pregnant fiancée at home.

The position, as well as the movements, definitely make it seem as though the couple are having sex. However, the woman grinding on him claims that she was actually just giving him a lap dance to cheer him up. It seemed that the man, on a stag-do, was upset about leaving his fiancée behind, and so needed a lap dance to cheer him up.

She has since stated that it was all just a mistake and is being “blown out of proportion”. “What started as a bit of drunken madness has gone worldwide,” she stated in a Facebook post, and she is now eager to wait for it all to blow over, as is the man she was seen in the lap of.

But were they actually having sex? Our own Martin has been debating that, and has the full story on this video.

No Mile High Club for Ryanair passengers

Others joining the Mile High Club can be a real inconvenience for others passengers as it is, and the staff working on airplanes and constantly on the look out for passengers acting suspiciously. They don’t want you fucking on their flight, and so Ryanair have decided to take action.

They want to stop their customers from joining the club, and have come up with a number of different measures in other to prevent it. Below you will see an email sent out to Ryanair customers, showing just how they plan to stop them.

Email sent by Ryanair to customers travelling to Ibiza
Email sent by Ryanair to customers travelling to Ibiza

They have put in place a number of different restrictions, with many of them focusing on alcohol. It seems that they feel drink is the main factor in people behaving in such a way on flights, and given the recent incident being blamed on drink, we can see why they might think that. However, not allowing passengers to bring alcohol aboard that has been purchased in airport shops? That seems to be taking things too far. Imagine spending money on a great bottle of whisky you haven’t seen anywhere else and having to throw it away because it is in a plastic bag!

However, the “customers showing any signs of anti-social behavior… will be denied travel without refund or compensation” seems a little strange as an update for customers booked on Ibiza-bound flights. Shouldn’t they be dealing with anti-social behaviour anyway?

Should you join?

The Mile High Club is a big aspiration to many hoping to fuck in unusual and kinky ways… but with Ryanair so keen to stop people from doing this, or even drinking, on their flights, it seems like it might be impossible. So is it worth considering joining?

A 2010 survey found 3% of flyers had joined the Mile High Club, while a 2011 survey suggested that 20% had joined and was the more realistic figure. If you do decide to take a leap and try it, there are a few things you should know about the Mile High Club first.

So what do you think? Has Ryanair gone too far with these restrictions, or are they just trying to make flights better for everyone? Tell us your thoughts in the comment box below, or by voting in the poll.

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