The Ruhamians!

I was messing around on Twitter today, albeit when I was supposed to be working. Whilst reading all the latest football tweets I stumbled upon a cartoon that nearly made me choke on my coffee.

It seems that some comedian named @ruhamians has decided to draw a number of cartoons mocking ant-prostitution clan Ruhama, and the catholic church for their rank hypocrisy.

As you can see from the cartoon below, the rather talented artist references the BBC” programme tonight on ‘Ireland’s lost babies’. As most people know, the Catholic church, or those working for it sold 60,000 babies to America. So much for Ruhama and their campaign against human trafficking!

Ruhamians 1

I have no idea if these cartoons are going to keep coming, but seriously, they are hilarious. The only thing that isn’t funny is the pain and suffering groups like Ruhama and their predecessors have put people through over the years! There is another one we will bring you tomorrow. What makes it even better is that they are bang on. One thing is for certain; I am definitely going to be following @ruhamians on Twitter and I really hope they keep it coming.

In this world, there is nothing worse than a hypocrite, and it is wonderful when these things are exposed! Especially by someone who can draw!

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