The Ruhamians 2!

As anyone who read the Escort Ireland blog yesterday will know, a comedian has created a Twitter account to mock anti-prostitution clan Ruhama as being a bunch of hypocrites. Well, it seems that whoever is using the @ruhamians handle has thankfully got quite a bit of time on their hands, as they have created a second cartoon.

Brilliant Satire

Following news that Escort Ireland has relocated it’s business headquarters to Spain, the newest piece features the same Nun’s who were chatting about the catholic church selling 60,000 babies. This first piece of comedic genius showed how that was incompatible with the church’s campaign against human trafficking.

The newest cartoon has the Nun’s panicking, as they are concerned that they always blame prostitution on the British, so what are they going to do now Escort-Ireland is no longer a UK based company? Thankfully they come up with the idea of blaming the Spanish, as that still satisfies the racist mob!

Ruhamians 2

Escort Ireland will be keeping you up to date with any future cartoons by @ruhamians. Whoever they are, they have caused a lot of amusement in the company offices, and on the internet in general.

The fact that @ruhamians seems to be bang on with their satire just makes it that little bit sweeter!

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