Relief Worker Has Fleshlight In His Backpack!

A relief worker in Afghanistan was left red faced this week as the contents of his backpack were laid out for the world to see. However, it was one particular piece of his equipment that gained the most attention.

The Guardian, who were obviously promoting the work these brave people do in the worlds nastier places tweeted a picture of all the things this particular volunteer possessed. They included a first aid kit and a water bottle. But it was the item in the top right corner that got everyone talking.

Twitter picture of guys contents

His Flexible Friend

It seems a saucy humanitarian worker took a fleshlight along with him. A fleshlight, as most of us know, is a rubbery item that simulates a woman’s vagina. What you do with it I’m sure anyone can guess.

To be fair it is probably a good idea to take one of these across. Maybe if he was in Dublin he could ask one of the Dublin escorts to spend some quality time with him. However, one suspects that there aren’t too many Kabul escorts knocking around, and if he started looking for that kind of action, it may not end too well for the guy.

No matter how sensible this guy was, it doesn’t stop it being highly amusing. The reporter who took the picture obviously had no idea what a fleshlight was.

One thing is for certain; it will answer the question the worker’s family will undoubtedly ask when he returns. ‘what EXACTLY’ did you do over there?’

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