Real Life Barbie and Ken Meet and Hate Each Other!

I was reading the ‘Living Barbie Doll Says Race Mixing Degenerates Beauty‘ article that was published by one of my colleagues on Escort Ireland yesterday, and I was in complete shock. Yes, I abhor racism as much as my colleague, but I just thought that the whole thing was a complete wind up, and that the ‘girl’ was really just a doll.

A Match Made in Hell

My sceptisism certainly wasn’t helped when my fellow writer told me that she had actually met a real life Ken, and to cap it off, they hated each other. I truly thought he had been fed a load of cobblers and had swallowed it hook, line and sinker.

Well, after doing a bit of research I stand corrected. It seems that back in 2013, Valeria Lukyanova flew from her hometown in the Ukraine to New York, where she met Justin Jedlica, 32, who has spent over $100,000 in looking like Ken. He has been under the knife at least 100 times.

This was all done for a TV Programme, namely ‘Inside Edition‘. But if the TV executives thought that romance would be in the air, they were sadly mistaken.

According to Lukyanova, Jedlica ‘overdid his lips’. Jedlica probably didn’t help himself the year before when he said she ‘looked like a drag queen’.

According to the Sun, the two couldn’t stand the sight of each other. They say you can tell by the photos, but their faces are so plastic, I can’t tell anything.

A Society Obsessed

Leaving these two freaks of nature to one side, I do wonder why there is this obsession with plastic surgery in today’s society?

Women and men all have their natural beauty, and we are all individuals. I find that most people who have one piece of surgery are already looking forward to the next. Once they start down that route, then they usually end up looking like people who have had surgery, and to me that is not a flattering look.

Maybe it is something to do with a desperation to fit in with what society expects you to look like? I say screw that and be yourself.

You certainly don’t want to end up looking like ‘Barbie and Ken’!

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