Should Prostitution be Legal and Regulated?

The age old question seems to rear its ugly head constantly, it´s one of those controversial topics which really seems to ignite passion in a lot of people.

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Prostitution – defined as the exchange of sex or sexual acts for money is currently legal in the Uk. Related crimes such as kerb crawling, managing a brothel and being a pimp are currently not legal.

As an escort site, we agree strongly in people´s human rights to be able to sell whatever they wish, though we have explored and balanced the issue from all sides. In countries such as North Korea and Saudi Arabia prostitution is a crime punishable by death, though in countries such as Germany, prostitution is legal and regulated. In Sweden, to buy is illegal, but to sell sex is not, shifting the responsibility from the prostitute to the punter.

If the government was to change their mind and make any kind of prostitution illegal, what would be the repercussions? We investigate.

Pros of Prostitution staying legal

If prostitution was legal in the countries mentioned such as Saudi Arabia, there may be a difference in lots of sexual exploitation which run under the radar due to the strict laws.

Sex Trafficking

Sex Trafficking for one is a major issue in most countries. If prostitution was legal but regulated, which meant police had access and information about the sex industry, they may be able to prevent so much sex trafficking – which is when a woman is taken out of her country and forced into prostitution. Making prostitution illegal has actually driven the profession underground where it is more dangerous.

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Rape would also decrease, because a prostitute has more rights in a country where they are working legally. They would feel much more able to contact police if she was raped. In a country where she is illegally working she has much less rights and is in more danger of being assaulted and raped, due to the customer knowing she could not speak out, because of her crime.

Reduce Poverty

Those that have chosen prostitution as their profession have done so majorly because of the money it brings them. Some of these women are single mothers, students or people who have not been given that chance in life and prostitution is an income for them and their family. If more people practised prostitution legally, there would be a reduction in poverty and perhaps an increase in tax contributions streaming into the country, thereby boosting the economy.

Human Rights

It´s their human right – abortion is legal in many countries because it is argued that the woman´s human rights over her own body outweigh the moral connotation of the act of abortion. Should´t it be the same for prostitution?

The exchange of sex for money is as old as time and comes in many forms, we could argue a beautiful young woman dating an older man for presents of cars, clothes and even living accommodation is the same age old exchange of sex for money. There is a thin line between ´arrangements´ which many people adhere to and a formal exchange of sex for money.

Now let’s have a look at the typical arguments against making prostitution legal.

Cons of Prostitution becoming legal worldwide

Increased STI’s and AIDS

If more people are practising prostitution, there is an increasing chance of catching more STI´s such as herpes, chlamydia and even HIV. This is a real risk, especially amongst prostitutes which ignore safe sex practices, and if rape is involved this risk is even higher.

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Increase in unplanned pregnancies surely if more women are practising prostitution due to the legalisation making the profession more appealing there could be an increase in unplanned pregnancies and abortions.

Empowers the criminal underworld

Prostitution is big business, sex sells and criminals who are rife in certain communities do take advantage of prostitutes that are working for them. Sometimes women are forced beyond their own consent to perform sexual acts, the money that is taken from prostitution is often used for drug crimes, corrupting societies.
Makes the country immoral Legalising prostitution in a highly religious country is going to put more than a few bees in people´s bonnets, prostitution is still seen as taboo and an immoral way to operate.

The Real Facts

OK, that doesn’t sound very good at all does it? Well, I am going to move back to the real world. There is NO EVIDENCE that those four things are true, yet they are rammed down society’s throats to an extent where many people believe them to be factual.

Let’s take points one and two. This isn’t the ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ where punters pay extra not to use a condom. Sex workers make it very clear that safe sex must be used in each and every encounter. No if’s no buts. The whole idea that everyone is going to get AIDS and we will have a generation of unwanted kids is actually really offensive to anyone who chooses this line of work.

Now lets look at point three. Does making prostitution legal empower the criminal underworld? Well, actually no. Criminals work where there is criminality, hence the name. If everything is open and transparent, the law-breakers would be kicked out.

If something is driven underground, that’s when the criminals will be in a position of power. Not when everything is in plain view.

OK, the final point. Is making prostitution legal immoral?

Now it would be daft to say that there aren’t people who find the whole concept of prostitution pretty disgusting. Do you know what; I respect that opinion. No, seriously, everyone is entitled to their own view.

However, here is the crux of the matter for me. I prefer to live in a society where we are free to make our own decisions in life. If people want to become prostitutes, fine. If others don’t want to like the industry, so be it.

Final Thought

We believe in the rights of men, women and Transsexuals to be able to decide and make life choices for themselves in any profession and also the rights of anybody wishing to purchase sex.
So what do you think? Should prostitution become a regulated industry? Let us know in the comments section below, or have a chat with others in the Escort Ireland forum.

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