Prostitute Arrested For Working In A Library!

They say that prostitution is the worlds oldest profession. However, in all the years that men and women have offered sexual services in return for cash, I imagine very few stories can match up to this one.

This week a New Hampshire woman was arrested for allegedly offering to give an undercover cop at a Massachusetts library an even more exciting time than just reading the masterpieces on offer.

Apparently the cops got a tip that a prostitute was working the library and decided to go and check it out.


He said that within moments of entering, Brittany Macintyre, 20, approached him with a pad and pen, and the two began passing notes. Well at least they were keeping to the rules of silence!

After a bit of interaction, it seems that Miss Macintyre offered to perform a sex act on the policeman. This led to her being arrested and charged with prostitution.

Well you have to give Brittany credit for thinking outside the box!

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