Pornhub Goes Crazy for Ireland!

So how were our hangovers on Wednesday? Well, if you are anything like me, then you will have had a splitting headache after enjoying a couple of ‘refreshing beverages’ on St Patrick’s Day. It really is that time of the year that everyone wishes they were Irish, and even if the nearest they have ever got to Ireland is having a few pints of Guinness, it really is a time party. However, those guys at Pornhub have discovered that there were many people enjoying St Patrick’s Day in a rather different way to what you would expect.

Feeling Lucky?

After looking at their statistics, they discovered that there was a rather large amount of people who were searching their porn site with terms like ‘luck’ or ‘lucky’. In-fact there was a 200% increase in the use of that term. God only knows what they were expecting to find, but they are the facts, folks.

There was also a 625% increase in the term, ‘Irish’. That makes sense, though once again, I am not sure what they will find. Maybe a ‘porno’ version of ‘Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman film, ‘Far and Away’? To be fair, that would probably improve that movie as far as I’m concerned.

This is where it gets really strange though. There was a 9325% increase in people searching for ‘Leprechaun’. I kid you not; people were looking for sex involving leprechauns. I know some people out there are perverted swines, but Leprechaun sex? WTF?

Here is a full list of Irish terms that were searched for on Pornhub.

So there is the proof. People really do feel Irish on St Patrick’s Day.


But seriously; what is going on with Leprechaun sex? I really, really need a lie down!

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