How To Play With Boobies!

Most men would think that breasts are jiggly things on women (aside from the bottoms) that they can only grab and suck. But there are far sexier methods in which to pleasure a woman by touching her pinkish areola. These methods, however, are not specifically designed for every woman. These are a general guide to which men can abide so as to please women with large, small, droopy or surgically enhanced breasts.

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Like the randy penis, nipples show great signs of being sexually aroused. If they are up and hard, they mean business. It only means that the woman is very much turned on. If they are shy and unstirred, it means more work needs to be done. When the nipples are stimulated properly, a woman can explode an orgasm faster than having coitus. Sensitivity of the nipples varies from women to women, as some may take a longer time to come when their nipples are being worked on, but the idea works generally the same.

Don’t focus on her breasts alone

When making love with a woman, it is best to remember that every part of her body should feel the sensation of being handled delicately. Kiss her passionately on the lips, cheeks, and neck before going down her chest. Kisses should be intimately soft and passionate.

Kiss the nipples alternately, and listen well to her moan as to which breast she would moan louder while you’re kissing them. If she moans louder when you kiss the right breast, it is best to suck harder on that later for longer orgasm. It also means that the right nipple is more sensitive than the left.

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Compliment her that she has beautiful breasts

Not all women have surgically enhanced breasts that are perfectly created by machines. Some may have droopy or new-mom breasts, which may be out of the sexy image you might have in mind. Still, compliments give way for arousal and it opens her senses to accept you.

Say, “Your breasts are wonderful and sexy,” before doing boob duty. Avoid making snide remarks of how “stretchy” it looks. While giving compliments, have your woman lie in a comfortable position and somewhat tickle the sides of the breast with the tip of your finger. Remember that it is the woman you are giving pleasure to, and not yourself.

Remember to warm your hands before touching her

A lot of times, men forget to warm their hands before cupping the breasts. A woman likes it best to have warm hands holding her breasts as the temperature definitely becomes a stimulant to the sexual arena. If your hands are way too cold, the woman might be shocked and this will decrease the momentum you have built from kissing. Also remember to build excitement the right way and not jump into action by grabbing her breasts. Hold it from under and cup them, this way she would feel secure and more aroused.

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Give it a good, suave massage before getting rough

Once your hands are warmed up, cup the breasts gently (do not grab!) and massage them in alternate circular motion while kissing her on the lips or neck. The breast massage may be done in a hard, slow way. This way, arousal is definitely heightened further. Others may even apply a squirt of their woman’s favourite massage oil or lotion to facilitate lubrication and heighten sensual feelings. However, this may only let the breast taste odd or bitter later in the process. If you still desire to rub a few drops of oil, make sure to wipe it off before tongue work. You may opt to have a good tease with her using whipped cream on top of her

Dive in to lick the nipples

Lick the tip of the nipple and go in a circular motion following the areola. Use the middle until the tip of your tongue to lick the nipples. Variations of licking them up and down or sideways may be done but careful consideration should be taken with the speed as to how the lick is performed. The former way of going up and down usually wins, but other directions may be desired too. The lick is usually fast and should stir the nipples well.

?“Suck and pop” on the whole anatomy and not just on the nipple

This is quite tricky because some women don’t like having the whole breast sucked. But at this time, you should be a bit more aggressive to successfully suck the breast. Start slowly by sucking on the nipples and go down further along the breast until your mouth is filled up with it. Then at the back of the throat, while the breast is in your mouth, start sucking as if you are sucking an oyster.

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Firmly, hold the breast to steady it and suck it repeatedly. You may also try licking the nipple while inside your mouth. Pop it out of your mouth, and see the nipple as it grows bigger. Lick it to keep it wet, then repeat the process. Give it some time to relax so as not to hurt her in the process. Listen well to her moans of pleasure.

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The woman in your life will be very grateful indeed!

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