Pervert Knocked Out By Woman (Video)

There are few better sights in the world than a pervert getting their comeuppance. This is why this video coming out of Morocco has gone viral this week, and caused a great deal of amusement in our offices!

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The CCTV is taken outside a food store in Inezgane, near Agadir. It shows the moment the pervert got exactly what was coming to him, after touching up an unsuspecting woman.

The woman is pictured wearing a green Kaftan, and is seen bending over a moped. It as it this point a man in a white coat and blue jeans casually squeezes her bum.

Well , instead of getting upset, she proceeded to knock out the dirty bastard. She immediately gets up and lands a vicious right hook to the right side of the guys face, sending him sprawling into a pile of food bags.

She seems to have done a bit of damage, as the guy hits his head on the floor and is out cold. The understandably annoyed woman is then seen yelling furiously at the ‘unfortunate’ fellow.

According to Liveleak, who originally posted the video, he was was unconscious for two hours before he came round. If that is the case, the woman is pretty lucky he came round at all, if you know what I mean.

Instant Karma for the Pervert

I have to say, I found this whole thing pretty hilarious. Now that isn’t to say that every woman needs to be banging out any pervert who grabs her. As soon as you get involved in violence it can go wrong. It is the same with these have-a-go heroes who stop armed robbers. It is funny up until the point where the robber gets his handgun and blows the poor citizen away.

Still, that doesn’t mean that we can’t laugh at this fellow getting what was coming to him. This kind of sex crime is mostly committed by people who think there is no come back for them. Well, he learned a valuable lesson about watching who you put your hands on.

This really has brightened up my day!

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