Shock Survey Says One in Eight 26 Year Olds are Virgins

I am very rarely shocked when it comes to sex these days. Hey, after five years working here you get the impression you have seen everything. Well, this news that 1 in 8 millennials are virgins because they are ‘scared of intimacy’ almost knocked me off my feet.

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New research from the Next Steps Project has found that one in eight 26-year-olds are still virgins.

Researchers from the Department for Education and University College London tracked 16,000 people born in 1989-90 from the age of fourteen.

When they interviewed those people in 2016, when the participants were 26, they discovered many had never had sex.

A Growing Trend

When compared to previous generations, those figures become even more incredible, as in the past it was only 1 in 20 who had never had sex at the age of 26.

In fact, there could be an even higher percentage who are virgins, as many decided not to talk about their sex lives in the survey.

So why are so many millennials like this? One theory is that it is because of the hyper-sexuality we see in modern society.

Susanna Abse, a psychoanalytic psychotherapist at the Balint Consultancy, told the Sunday Times:

“Millenials have been brought up in a culture of hypersexuality which has bred a fear of intimacy.

“The women are always up for it with beautiful hard bodies and the men have permanent erections. That is daunting to young people.

“The fear for young men is of being humiliated that they can’t live up to that, plus the fear of exposure in your Facebook group.”

OK, my first reaction was to go into Clint Eastwood in ‘Gran Torino’ mode and call millennials all ‘pussies’. Still, in a world where revenge porn and leaking nudes is actually a thing, I can understand why some people aren’t as trusting as maybe I was back in my youth.

Changing Society

Whatever the reasons, it does go to show that being a virgin at 26 is not such a big deal any more. The stereotypes of 26 year old virgins being sad losers living in their parent’s attic are gone, or will be once how many of them there are becomes public knowledge.

Sex always should be about consent, and no-one should ever feel forced to have sex because it is a societal norm. Only ever do it when YOU want, whether you are a virgin or not.

Me, I am quite happy with the escorts on Escort Ireland, but thankfully I grew up in a less stressful time!

So, are many millennials pansies or are these real issues? Let us know in the poll below!

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