Obese Woman Facebook Post Gets Nurse Fired (Video)

Ever since I came to work at Escort Ireland, I have realised that there are more things than in heaven and earth that people find sexually exciting. What looks absolutely ridiculous to one person, can get someone else off brilliantly. However, there is often such a lack of understanding of this, that problems can arise. This is why I found this story of a nurse getting himself fired in Australia so fascinating.

woman drop belly on man

It appears that Michael Renson tagged two colleagues in the viral video of a woman dropping her stomach onto a man’s back while saying ‘how heavy is that?’ and ‘you little horsey’.

Well, instead of everyone laughing about it, he was reported to HR at Bendigo Health,north of Melbourne, Australia, and was subsequently sacked. It was deemed the Facebook video was ‘sexually explicit’.

A Prankster

He also left some cream on a male colleagues desk to make it look as though he had jerked off. Once again, though he found this amusing, his colleagues didn’t.

Mr Renton, who has a ‘long and exemplary employment record’ for nearly 20 years, said it was a joke, and believed it would be taken as such.

An employment hearing found that he had showed an ‘appalling lack of judgement’, adding that the cream incident was a ‘boorish’ prank.

It was found that he brought the hospital’s reputation into disrepute, but that he has been unfairly dismissed. That does sound like a technicality, rather than the decision being wrong.

Moving back to the Facebook video of the obese woman, Commissioner Bissett had this to say regarding her ruling.

“Mr Renton should have listened to the voice in his head that suggested Ms Keown might have been offended by the post.

“Unfortunately, he did not and the consequences for him and others are far reaching.”

Should He Have been Fired?

So it seems that it was Ms Keown who reported him. I have to say, I am split on whether ratting him out was justified.

Yes, it may be sexually exciting for some, so could be regarded as pornographic, but surely she would think that he didn’t realise that and he was just trying to be amusing? A quick inbox to say she didn’t find it funny would surely be a better idea than getting him fired. Then again, no-one should be made to feel uncomfortable in work, so a reporting procedure has to be in place. On the flipside, is sending a video of an obese person enough to ruin someone’s life?

So what do you think…should sending a viral video to colleagues be enough to get him chopped, or is it political correctness gone mad? You can vote in the poll below!

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