Learn more about how to increase your visibility and make the most out of your adverts with STORIES!

The new Stories feature is a fantastic new way to boost your visibility across the Escort-Ireland website by allowing you to advertise yourself to a wider audience. Think of the story feature on any other social media site, it has the power to bring any person in the world right to your profile. Now you can use that to your advantage with Escort-Ireland and increase your calls with a click of a button.


Just like on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat etc. Stories are the most recent updates from people or accounts you are connected with or follow, visible on the site’s homepage.

At Escort-Ireland you can purchase your package of Story slots and gain more visibility, allowing potential callers to see your beautiful self, just as they enter the site and you’re the first thing they see, without having to search your advert.

This increases your exposure across the site and is as incredible as it sounds. The posts uploaded to your “story” will stay there for 24hrs! The most recent are always visible first, but all of them are always available to view at the top of the homepage for people to look through.


It’s really simple:

That’s all it takes! Each Story has to be no more than 3 photos, videos or a mix and you must need to be in tour to post a Story, so please remember that before trying to post/purchase your stories!


You might be one of those ridiculous people who think that social media makes people dumber, where in fact, physics and social media go hand in hand.  Like the social media genius Albert Einstein once said – “every action causes an equal and opposite reaction”. Now, we can apply this law to Escort-Ireland where every time your Story has a call to action, it will not only cause a serious reaction in our viewers but will also urge them to reach out to you.

When uploading a Story you will have the option to include call to action buttons which include:

  • Visit my Profile: clicking this will take them directly to your profile.
  • Call Me: this will let them call you which is great to catch them in the moment.
  • PM Me: in case they’d rather message you first.
  • Email Me: will let them send you an email.


Generally, the best content for a Story is definitely something fresh, sexy and casual. Whatever you upload – whether it’s a photo or video, make sure it’s recent and of good quality (not blurry or too dark) and that it shows how you’re feeling at that moment – whatever it is, make sure you let them know!

The key is to not recycle old content, especially anything you might have done for specific people where you’re telling them you miss them or you’re telling them you’re in this place until this day. You can add that as a caption and use the opportunity to show your best self. And as always, the more they get to see the better, so it’s important you include plenty of videos as well as pictures.

If you’re not using the Stories feature already, don’t wait anymore and post your first STORY today!


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