New Features And Products Are Coming To Escort Ireland!

We want sites to be as easy to use as possible. The faster we can get things done, the better for us. It means we can spend our time doing other things, and on Escort Ireland we want the site to be as user-friendly as possible.

Escort Ireland Gets Some New Features!

You should have the best experiences and we want to give them to you. That’s why we’re introducing some new features for you to use, and you can read all about them right here.

We know that you want more control of the way you advertise. You want to be able to customise your experience here on Escort Ireland and do things your way. These two new features and products allow you to do just that.

New Feature: Express Advert Creation

The Express Advert Creation simplifies the advert creation process in a big way. Instead of spending ages creating an advert, you can use this feature to make things quicker. It uses minimal advert information in order to get your advert live as quickly as possible. It’s perfect for those of you with busy schedules, as you can save time and start advertising sooner!

The Reactivation product will be familiar for those of you who use tour extensions. It sends your advert to the first position on the homepage, location pages, and search pages. Your advert is one of the first potential clients see, and you are sure to catch their eye! It’s a great way to be seen by clients and get the attention you deserve.

You might have some experience with the Custom Advert Creation, which allows you to create a detailed advert. This takes time, time you could be spending doing other things. So how do you use the Express Advert Creation to save precious time?

How to create an Express Advert

How to get Express Adverts on Escort Ireland

You can use this tool when you create an advert as you would usually do. Simply select ‘new advert’ on your dashboard or go to ‘profile adverts’ on the pricing page. You’ll see an ‘express’ button, which allows you to quickly create an advert. You can then edit the information in your advert and create your ad quicker using this feature.

In the ‘advert details’ section you’ll be able to edit the advert name, type, and details of the advertisement. It is simplified to help speed up the process and make things move along quickly.

On the ‘media’ page you can then add any photos, videos, or verification pictures. The ‘new tour’ page is also simple to use, as you can simply select whether you are taking incalls or outcalls. The advert will use your pricing for an hour, helping you to get your advert up as quickly as possible. When you don’t have time to waste, this is the perfect solution.

New Product: Reactivation

In order to use the Reactivation product you need to have an escort account with an active profile and advert or a tour. It works by putting your advert to the top of the standard adverts, putting you in the prime position on the homepage, location pages, and search pages so that you can be seen by more potential clients.

How to get a Reactivation

How to reactivate your advert on Escort Ireland

In order to use the feature, you simply go to your adverts, click the advert you want, and select ‘manage’. From there you’ll be given the option to ‘Reactivate now’. That’s it! It’s quick and easy to do, meaning that you can bump your advert to the top of the thumbnail rotation in no time at all.

Getting the best from your advertising

For the loyal users of Escort Ireland, we wanted to make your advertising experience as user friendly as possible. These new features and products will give you more control and allow you to speed up the process of advertising. Best of all, you can maximise exposure and gain new clients!

The Express Advert Creation tool lets you create an advert in no time at all. You don’t want to spend all of your time working on an advert, do you? With Express Advert Creation you don’t have to. In just a matter of minutes you can have your advert ready to go. You save valuable time that you could be using to doing the things that are important to you. Definitely worth it!

By bumping your advert with Reactivation, your profile can be seen by more potential clients, making it easier to gain business! This is what you want when setting up an advert. You’ll get seen, get more calls, and grow your client base. This is the best product to use to gain attention of clients.

Eager to save time and get your advert up as quickly as possible? Start saving time by clicking here to create your first Express Advert.

Already have an advert? Bump your thumbnail and get noticed with a Reactivation now!

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