The Naked Preacher!

It has to be said, religion really is trying to find its place in modern society. Old style, dogmatic preaching is slowly being replaced with lessons that can be understood by the man on the street.

A New Approach

Take for example, the new Pope discussing the terrorist attacks on Charlie Hebdo. His argument was that you should never insult someone’s faith or core beliefs. He stated that there would always be a reaction if people did that, by pointing out he would punch his mate if he insulted his Mother. Despite a few moaning minnie’s going on that he was out of order, the general consensus was that the men and women of the cloth need to speak in ways that the general public can relate to, so the Pope was bang on!

However, despite my reformist tendencies, even I don’t know what to make of this female preacher, who speaks the word of God with her breasts exposed.

An interesting Approach

LaTascha Emanuel, an African American minister from Fayetteville, North Carolina, was delivering a message titled ‘The Forked Tongue’.

In it, she encourages others to be kind to their family, friends and strangers. Good words, it has to be said.

However, she gives the lesson with her breasts exposed. In fact, she seems ‘oblivious’ to the fact her nipples are showing.

It has to be said, there was a bit of a backlash on Youtube from certain posters.

“Even thought she’s speaking the word of God no ones paying attention” one YouTube commenter wrote.

On her Twitter page, LaTascha states: ” I am an unconventional minister set aside for an unconventional time such as this reaching the world with the gospel and grace of Jesus Christ.”

LaTascha is also known for a series of sermons she preaches, titled ‘The Gospel from the Stripper’s Pole’, where she has her boobs out whilst talking.

Why Does She Do it?

Now this does get me wondering what she has this particular style. I have come to the conclusion that there are two possible reasons. Firstly, she could be purely trying to get more publicity. This could be an ego trip, rather than actually trying to spread the message of the Lord.

However, the is a more intriguing possibility. Maybe, just maybe, she is trying to get pervs who would never usually go to church to watch her videos? Whilst they are there looking at her knockers, they may actually hear something that changes the way they live their life? It may seem a tad outlandish, but I really think it has legs.

No Harm Done

In the end, is she really doing any harm? Whatever her reasons, she is giving good messages about us all not being assholes to each other. Whether she is exposing her boobs or not, that doesn’t really matter.

And hey, if her boobies are encouraging one more person to listen to these words, then she is doing a good public service, no matter what her motivations are.

So what do you think? Let us know in the comments section below, or over in the Escort Ireland forum.

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