Nad Blizerian – The New Working Man’s Hero!

I have to say, Dan Blizerian gets on my nerves a bit. We all know the guy, the rich venture capitalist who consistently posts pictures of himself partying with hot women, throwing porn stars off a roof and basically going on about how rich he is.

Look at it this way, the guy has more money than any of us will ever have. One thing has to be said though; he certainly knows how to spend it.


Meet Nad Blizerian

Well, whether you like Dan Blizerian or not, you will surely find this guy absolutely hilarious. Meet ‘Nad Blizerian’. Whist Dan Blizerian may drink $10,000 pound bottles of champagne, Nad Blizerian is more of a discount kind of lad, who would drink some super strength lager, or go crazy with a tenner at McDonald’s

As you can see, he too is pictured with hot ladies. Of course by hot ladies we mean blow up dolls, but we are more likely to meet them than the models Dan Blizerian hangs around with.

After seeing a few of these fantastic pictures, it seems that Nad Blizerian set up a ‘Kickstarter page’ a few months back. This is where people ask for money to help start off business ventures.

Well, Nad Blizerian wants to but new socks. Yes, you heard me right, new socks! Here is his page!

Nad’s Kickstarter

My socks have holes in them. I would like to buy some new ones. I’ll create a photo with my new socks and post it to Instagram.

I need $4 to buy one pair of new socks for the photo.

Yay we did it. I’m so pumped to get my new socks for the photo. 24 hours LET’S DO THIS!


$100 – I’ll buy some Miller Light (the Champagne of Beers) to celebrate

$1000 – I’ll create an additional photo where I throw a pizza party for some homeless people and pass out new socks.

$10,000 – I’ll make a sock puppet.

If all the socks at Walmart are sold out I may have to go to Target where socks are a bit more expensive.

If Instagram shuts down I won’t be able to post the photo.

It’s possible that I could lose both my feet in some sort of a horrific accident between now and the time I plan to post the photo of me wearing the new socks. I sincerely hope this doesn’t happen but I don’t want to get sued if it does. Getting sued on top of loosing both my feet would be a real buzzkill.

There is the possibility of a production delay on the photo if:

– I can’t think of any good photo ideas
– My camera and/or phone breaks
– Walmart refuses to develop the film from my disposable camera
– The Zombie Apocalypse

I have tried to mitigate these risks by taking the following precautionary actions:

– I’ve already thought of a few good photo ideas and I wrote them down
– I have a protective case for my phone that’s “water resistant”
– Walmart sucks there’s nothing I can do here
– I purchased 2 Celine Dion CDs because I heard Zombies hate the sound of her voice

Full disclosure: If Kevin Love joins LeBron in Cleveland, Adam Jones happens to win the Home Run Derby, and Andi chooses to marry Chris on the Bachelorette finale then I’m going win $364 on a $2 parlay bet that I made yesterday. If that happens then I’m going to party harder than a college freshman at “welcome week” which may push back the posting date on the photo by a few days, or weeks, or months if I take the bus to Tijuana.


Following The Journey

Right, I’m actually laughing just writing this article. This guy is a freaking legend. Just to note, people actually gave him money meaning he is becoming very popular indeed.

This is hopefully just the start of the Nad Blizerian story and I certainly want to keep you up to date with his adventures.

Here’s to you Nad Blizerian…good luck with the socks!!

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