Jenni Murray in Attack on Trans Community

Here at Escort Ireland, we are big supporters of the trans community. With so many trans escorts on our website, we have seen the hardship they have had to endure, but on a more positive note, we also see how society is becoming more tolerant. Therefore, we were quite upset with the comments of Dame Jenni Murray, who made some rather offensive comments regarding those men who have a sex change and become women.

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She stated that men who undergo sex change operations cannot be “real women”, because many model themselves on a male view of what a woman should be.

The BBC Radio 4 presenters also said that men who had grown up with all the privileges of being a guy did not have the shared experience of growing up female.

Unsurprisingly, this has caused a backlash from transgender activists.

The Woman’s Hour presenter revealed that the first time she got annoyed “when a man claimed to have become a woman” was in 2000, when the Rev Peter Stone underwent transition surgery and became Carol.

Vacuous Motives of the Trans Community

She believed that Stone’s “primary concerns” were what to wear to meet parishioners, and whether or not to wear make-up.

She was also rather unimpressed by India Willoughby, a transgender woman who appeared as a guest on ITV’s ‘Loose Women’.

Exception was taken to her describing herself as a “real woman” while ignoring the fact that she had lived most of her life “enjoying the privileged position in our society generally accorded to a man”.

She was also annoyed that Willoughby agreed with the Dorchester Hotel’s dress code for its female staff which asked that they always wear make-up, have a manicure and wear stockings over shaved legs. This is something that has caused huge debate.

“There wasn’t a hint of understanding that she was simply playing into the stereotype – a man’s idea of what a woman should be,” said Murray.

Murray went on to state that although she disagrees with comments made about the trans community by feminists such as Germaine Greer, she was equally “appalled” at the misogyny shown by trans activists who demanded the “no platforming” (banning from speaking in public) of women “who have questioned the claims of trans women to be real women”.

Funnily enough, Jenni Murray has found some support within the trans community.

Jenny Roberts, 72, who underwent surgery to change sex when she was around 50, told Murray: “A lot of trans women want to believe they are women, but we’re not. We bring our male traits and habits with us.”

Now I am not going to speak as a member of the trans community because I am not one. I am not a woman either, so won’t speak as one of them. What I do hate though are mass generalisations designed to divide a community.

To basically say trans women are more interested in being ‘girly-girls’ and are vacuous is ridiculous. Real choice is being able to wear what you like to feel comfortable. Looking attractive to men seems to be an awful thing to a lot of feminists these days. I support their right to wear a bin bag, as much as I support a woman doing page 3. However, that tolerance seems to not be part of their make up.

The Future of Feminism

In the end, her point was that women are society’s victims, and that you can’t become a woman as you haven’t had the evils put on you by society as a female. This all goes back to ‘male privilege’, a fake idea that men have it amazing. As I always say, you should visit the run down working class areas where people can’t afford to live and tell them about this privilege. I am sure there will just love a college educated man or woman saying how good they have it.

This is where feminism and misandry have become interlinked. These feminists attack trans women because they see them as men who have had their wotsits cut off and have bought a dress.

Feminism is laudable. The quest for equality is something we should all strive for. However, unless as a movement misandry and feminism are unlocked, feminists, instead of being at the spearhead of a more equal society, will find themselves on the wrong side of the debate. That is up to the women themselves to shape what their movement really means.

If feminism is damaged, every one of us suffers, as our world is a much more happy place when we have that equality.

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