Is This The Most Racist Advert Ever? (Video)

A lot has changed since the 1960’s, where there was a lot of segregation between different races. Since there are so many people travelling and moving to different countries now, it’s not a surprise that you see a lot of multicultural people hanging out together, making out together, and getting undressed together…in the bedroom.

Black man with popcorn looking shocked

One of the most racist commercials ever made?

There’s one video that has recently been uploaded onto Youtube and has been classed as one of ‘the most racist adverts ever created’ amongst the people that viewed it. The clip is kind of self-explanatory, so give yourself less than a minute to have a look at the clip.

The advert, known as ‘Racism in a Chinese laundry detergent advertisement’, has created a storm on the video-sharing website, where viewers with different opinions wrote their thoughts and debated with other users in the comments section down below. Just to let you guys know in advance, racism is wrong, no matter how passive or active it may be.

After looking at all of the comments, I started to ponder about interracial relationships, where I’ve typed it in Google and found some articles that are titled ‘Why are there so many interracial couples today?’ There were also a copious amount of blogs that gave me a list of things that I shouldn’t say to an interracial couple, along with a list of things that those kinds of couples are tired of hearing.

However, I can’t help but feel that some of the articles express negativity in them; not negativity against the whole concept of interracial relationships or fucktationships (my favourite word to say for two people that are just fucking each other), but the social environment that questions their lifestyle with slightly crude questions. That can put a lot of people off their desire to possibly be with another man or woman of a different race.

We love all kinds of of guys and girls in porn!

Caucasian, Asian, Ebony; we love all kinds of people in porn!

It’s really good that we live in a time where it doesn’t matter if you fuck a Caucasian, Asian or Ebony woman or man. I mean, have you seen all of the interracial porn that’s on XVideos, PornHub and Redtube? There are loads of them on the internet! It just makes you think that there are so many guys that love other guys and girls of different races.

One of my closest friends has an obsession with Asian girls, and used to have one of his bedroom walls covered in posters of actresses like Lucy Liu, Grace Parks and Jamie Chung. However, it’s not a stigma to go out and make out with other girls that don’t have the same physical attributes as you do, so that’s why I said to him that he should go out, find a beautiful Asian date and make her cum underneath the bed sheets. We don’t live in the 1950’s anymore, where people of different races had to be allocated onto different seats on the bus.

Guys and girls, it’s ok to flirt with another person who has come from a different country or continent. It’s ok to ask for that person’s number, and it’s ok to suck that person’s dick or clit if you have the desire to do it. Remember, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. A guy with a good personality is better to fuck than a guy with a good body, or good skin.

People can be dumb, so dumb…

Don't be an idiot, think before you record

Speaking from experience, I was born in Asia but I’ve spend most of my life in Europe, where I’ve had the chance to meet all guys and girls of different races. Of course, everyone has their own preferences in a person, where some of them are just not attracted to a particular race; there is nothing that we can change about that. However, we shouldn’t dismiss the fact that there are some Caucasian guys in the world have the hots for Asian women, and that there are some Ebony women on this planet that get turned on when they see other Caucasian guys cross the street.

The clip that is going viral right now is obviously just showing you how clean the detergent can make your dirty clothes be (in a very poor, stupid way, of course) but what pissed people off was how the commercial was portrayed; it certainly pissed me off how dumb the producers must have been to not realise what they’ve created. A hot Ebony man sees a cute Asian girl and gets thrown into the washing machine to become another Asian guy for the girl to do…things with.

Before you guys ask, no. I don’t condone racism in any form, but I don’t go on a big rampage, burn my bra and record my replies on Youtube. Why? Because racism doesn’t deserve that much publicity. If I go more and more in depth about the matter and say something that I don’t mean, that’s when shit starts stirring. I would only say that it is wrong and that is it. Ok, my mini rant is over.

Make love, not racism!

Guys and girls, if you’re thinking too hard about that video you saw, don’t. The only thing that you have to establish about that video is that it is something that you shouldn’t take note of. In my opinion, the guy that got dragged into the washing machine was pretty hot, and I wouldn’t mind having a bit of ‘laundry fun’ with him!

A country is a colourful place to live in when it’s filled with different races and cultures, just like Ireland. I’m pretty sure that most of you Irish folk know that you can find different people to encounter, whether you’d like to meet someone of Caucasian, Asian or African origin. Some of my friends that have experienced an interracial relationship or fucktationships noticed that each partner they’ve encountered always brought something new to the table…or the bedroom, in this case.

Nevertheless, if you see two people of different races getting it on in front of you, whether it would be on your laptop or in the garden across you, praise it. Because at the end of the night, they’re making love, not racism!

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  1. Chinese culture has a long history of profound racism against people of colour. To say it was endemic would not be an understatement.

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