Three Reasons Mercedes Carrera is the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread!

Sasha Grey, if you haven’t had the chance to read any of my articles here on Escort Ireland yet, you should know that I am a really big fan of you and your work.

Loaf of sliced bread

It’s fantastic that you’ve decided to take a new turn in your career a couple of years ago after your exposure on ‘Entourage’, but I have to confess that I have a new found love in porn, and her name is Mercedes Carrera. For those that have read my list of pornstars to follow on Twitter, you may be familiar with the name of the Los Angeles-born vixen that I’ve included.

Before you start thinking that she’s just another adult actress that knows how to make $500 an hour, Carrera has done a lot of work in and out of porn. If you were immersed in the GamerGate controversy when it was at its peak in August 2015, Carerra had a lot to say about the people that were arguing for women’s rights in the IT industry, as well as in society.

Along with her assertive but reasonable voice within the world of both sex and gender politics, she has an amazing body that can make any heterosexual woman want to fuck her. But, obviously, her mind and body aren’t the only reasons why people are in love her.

#1 Mercedes Carrera is talented in more ways than one

For those of you that didn’t take the time to read her bio on her official website, the Latin-American adult star has a university degree in manufacturing engineering, system quality assurance, and thermal testing for space-based optics; not just a pretty face. She already had experience within media when she was just a teenager, working on large commercial prints and catalogues.

So, the goddess has the opportunity to get paid for being a pornstar and a photo-technician, if she ever chooses to do so in her future projects. Actually, you don’t see a lot of women going into engineering as a career choice, or just have an interest in the subject overall. Maybe that should be a new thing that guys should look for in a companion or a courtesan: find a woman that can give you a really good blowjob, AND make insulation that’s vacuum-proof.

#2 Mercedes Carrera fights for TRUE feminism and sex work

After reading this section, you won’t be able to say that porn is bad for you. In one of her video’s that she’s posted on YouTube, Carrera uncovered the bullshit that the third-wave feminists were spreading across the internet, saying that they are there to support the lives of all females on the planet.

As well as calling out the Sarkeesian ass-lickers online, she has set up an organisation called ‘The Porn Charity’, which is the first porn-funded scholarships for STEM students. You haven’t heard of the feminist media critic donating some of her profit from her phoney KickStarter project to struggling students yet, now have you? As far as I’m aware of, Carrera can finish the entire selection of games that Sarkeesian has penalised before the critic can distribute one of the oh-so-many DVDs that she promised to give to her donators!

#3 Mercedes Carrera knows how to fuck

Aside from all of the qualifications, academic debates, and charity events that the pornstar has, and has taken part in, we all have to go back to basics. If I haven’t mentioned it yet, Mercedes Carrera has the stealth, flexibility, and body that are worth more than the lives of the 300 Spartans that died in the Battle of Thermopylae.

From what IMDb has told me, the adult actress has been in 53 pornos, in which around a third of them are lesbian-themed. Ooh. La. La.

I’m pretty sure that is one hidden somewhere on Pornhub, but I haven’t seen a video of Carrera speaking in Spanish, or getting fucked in Spanish; I need to look a bit harder. Anyway, if any of you guys have actually seen a full-length video that has the actress as the main pornstar, you would be able to understand why she’s so good at ‘taking it up the ass for a living’.

Remember those 3 reasons

I am pretty sure that there are plenty of other reasons why the pornstar is loved by so many people, but I believe that you would only be able to remember 3 of them a week after you’ve read this article.

Moreover, you’re probably wondering how I could compare Mercedes Carrera to sliced bread. Well, sliced bread is soft, sliced bread is squidgy, sliced bread never gets old, and sliced bread never betrays your taste buds. We all love sliced bread, and if you understand how famous adult film star is a boon for sex work, choice feminism and free tuition fees, you will love Mercedes Carrera too.

You can follow Mercedes Carrera on Twitter: @TheMercedesXXX

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