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The counties in Ireland are beautiful places and provide a gorgeous environment for people to visit. For tourists who are visiting Ireland, merely limiting your experience to visiting the bigger cities such as Dublin is only part of the true ‘Irish’ experience. If you don’t visit the counties of Ireland, you won’t be able to get a true feeling of the Irish culture. There are several counties in Ireland, and one of them is County Mayo. County Mayo is located within the Western Region, and forms a part of the Connacht province. The name of the county comes from the village of Mayo, which is commonly referred to as the Mayo Abbey.
However, many people might be thinking that this is a small county. Certainly not, the overall population of the county is around 130,628, as per the census which was held in 2011.

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The boundaries of County Mayo were established back in 1585, at the time when the county itself was created. These boundaries were created by the lordship of Mac William Iochtar. Thousands of people who are visiting Ireland often skip on visiting County Mayo as well as other counties within the region, and that is how they miss out on the good things. County Mayo has a number of places for the local tourists, while the people of the county are also very accommodating. For those who are visiting County Mayo, here is a brief history of Mayo as well as what it has to offer to tourists:

The History of Mayo

Even though the county was only established back in the 1500s, the county itself has an extremely prolific history and prehistory. There are a whole host of different remains within the region that date as far back as the Neolithic Period, and various megalithic tombs and ritual stone circles are also present within the County. The first people who settled here came as far back as the Middle Stone Age, around 11 thousand years ago. From the Neolithic period to the Mesolithic Period, people began to settle in the area.


County Mayo also has a number of different megalithic tombs within the area. Metal working was one of the major activities within County Mayo, and as a result of this, numerous forts and dwellings have been found within County Mayo. As time progresses, numerous settlers began to travel to the County and settle, and it wasn’t until the 17th and 18th centuries that County Mayo rose to prominence. The Pirate Queen Grainne o Malley is likely the most famous person to have come out of Mayo. Then, as Oliver Cromwell overthrew monarchy in England, Ireland was one of the worst sufferers. For a lot of people who were settled during that time in County Mayo, the 18th century was a pretty bad time. Catholics had very little hope of advancing socially, unless they left their native homeland.

Then, during the 19th century, famines became a common occurrence in the area. Before the Irish famine, the population of Ireland had reached well over eight million. One famous incident that occurred in County Mayo was the inclusion of a word in the English accident. The word ‘boycotting’ came to be included in the English language because of an incident in County Mayo.

Mayo Tourism

There are a number of different places within County Mayo that are worth visiting. For tourists, the Atlantic Drive provides a scenic drive along the coast of the area, providing a beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean. Keem Bay is also worth visiting, as it is a natural location that connects with the Atlantic Ocean. People who are looking to get in to the history of the city will be more than interested in visiting the National Museum of Ireland- County Life. The Carne Golf Links also provide a serene environment for people who are looking to play some golf within this beautiful county.

Other places worth visiting in the area include the Hennigan’s Heritage Center, the Westport Golf Club, National Shrine of Our Lady of Knock, the Royal Abbey of Cong, Ballintubber Abbey as well as the Foxford Woollen Mills Visitor Center.

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