Man Who Robbed Escort Gets Six Years

A man who pleaded guilty to robbery of an escort has been sentenced to six years, with one years suspended, at Galway Circuit Court this week.

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Former mechanic Gediminas Zigmantas, 35, who is already serving two concurrent sentences for similar offences, used this very website to contact his victims.

Their meeting took place at the Raddison Blue Hotel. Father of three Zigmantas paid for the service, and after it was complete, left the room.

‘A ‘Mislaid’ Phone

However, he returned a short time later claiming to have forgotten his phone. After the escort let him in and offered to ring the phone for him, he said there was ‘no need’, and instead let a second man in the room.

At this point the escort was pinned to the bed, tied up, robbed of €1,700 in cash, an iPad, cigarettes and toiletries.

As they left the room, she was able to untie herself, and point the men out to hotel staff, although they were unable to apprehend them before they left.

Zigmantas is currently serving a eight years sentence and a five year sentence for similar offences in Cork and Clare respectively.

The offender, who has a child in Lithuania and two in Ireland, saw his relationship with the Mother of his two kids break down as he didn’t want to expose them to prison life.


Defence Counsel say he admitted he behaved indefensibly, and is currently trying to turn his life around, working as a cook in prison, and is also taking classes.

Judge Rory McCabe said he was making no moral observation in the regards to the circumstances behind the incident, but everyone had the right to go about their lives, without expecting this kind of stuff to happen.

“This was mean, it was nasty, frightening and inexcusable,” he said, adding that the crimes were pre-meditated in that there was a pattern.

A Dangerous Game

This does go to show, if anyone really needed reminded, that escorting can be a dangerous business. There are men (and women) out there who think escorts are an easy target, and that sex workers will be inclined not to go to the police if they are attacked.

This is why security is so important. Hey, escorts don’t need some writer telling them this kind of stuff, that is almost offensive, BUT this kind of incident may make a few escorts become a little less complacent. Hey, it is human nature to let things slide if you haven’t had any problems for a while. If this story and my associated piece make just one escort think ‘ooh, I had better be on my toes’, then I feel like I have done something worthwhile today.

I would just like say, to all escorts on our pages, and everywhere else for that matter, we hope you stay safe.

I really does upset me that there are so many dodgy bastards out there.

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