The Man With A 10 Inch Willy!

If there is a man on TV I truly feel sorry for, it has to be Phillip Schofield. As host of ‘This Morning’, he has to deal with numerous women friendly issues, such as periods, fashion and cooking. However, last week just took the biscuit.

Billy-Tom O’Conner turned up on the show, and proceeded to talk about the surgery that gave him 10 inch penis.

‘Monster Penis’

OK, it is at this point I would have just got up, walked out and said I was going for a pint. Sadly for Phil, he doesn’t have that option if he wants to keep his job.

Billy admitted to having appeared in porn, and to being ‘naturally well endowed’. However, he turned to surgery because he wanted to have a ‘monster cock’.

Still, despite his enormous penis, Billy admits that there are women out there who are not too keen on his manhood.

He said: “On two occasions I have got to the point where they’ve seen it and they’ve refused me… they just point plank say they’re not willing to go any further with that. But most girls absolutely loved it.”

Well, things got even better for Phil when he had to show images of the penis, before and after the surgery. Plenty of warning was given to viewers before the images were aired. Whether anyone wants to see those kind of things at that time of the day is a different matter.

Schofield also gave a demonstration of what Billy’s manhood would look like when erect. Thankfully that wasn’t shown on TV, and Phil used a can of hairspray to represent it instead.

A Career Change

It was at this point I would have curled up crying in the corner, asking why I hadn’t moved into sports punditry earlier in my career.

To be fair, Billy-Tom could make a good living as a Cork male escort with a willy like that. Maybe he should give our sales team a call?

As for Phil Schofield, I’m sure he will console himself with the fact that he has a multi million pound contract to talk about such things. I on the other hand am doing it for a lot less.

I’m going for a drink

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