Male Escorts – Why Book One?

In the escort world, the ratio of female and male escorts are significantly smaller. With a booming female escort world to contend with, many question why there are so many male escorts out there. With a little help from a seasoned male escort pro booker, we discover the reasons why booking a male escort might be the best experience you’ve ever had.

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To Get Back At An Ex

One of the best reasons to book a male escort is to feel that satisfying feeling of revenge at an ex, many women book handsome male escorts and attend parties they know their ex-boyfriend will be at to show off their arm candy. At around £60 an hour, a woman can book a male sex bomb that will draw jealous stares, give her a lovey boost and of course, get square with the ex. The sex afterwards is optional!

To Keep Questions At Bay

Sometimes its much easier to book somebody than ask a friend to play along with you, they are usually pretty good at pretending due to the sheer amount of differing situations they have come across, and know how to handle themselves. To keep family and friends off your back, a male escort or pretend ‘new boyfriend’ could stop questions about sexuality, questions about why you are still single and of course, jealous looks from sisters and cousins is a bonus, too.

For Empowerment

In a very male dominated world, sometimes its nice to be queen of the castle for once. Booking a male escort just for sex can be incredibly self-empowering. Just think – there is no emotional mess and furthermore – taking into consideration the ridiculous double standards women have to put up with when they enjoy casual sex – nobody has to know!

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No Muss, No Fuss

Bad breakup? Don’t fancy having sex with a random guy in case you develop feelings? A male escort is the perfect solution, because it is a business arrangement, there is little risk of developing that damned attachment after sex. If you’ve put your feelings on ice after a breakup but still need that little sugar that every woman needs, a male escort should be able to satisfy that need very nicely.

Whether you are looking for a lean, toned escort, a tall, dark and handsome number or some striking blue eyes, then our online directory of gorgeous male escorts will be able to find the perfect escort for you.

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