‘Dick Click ‘ – The Machine That Turns Your Sperm On and Off!

There could be a revolution in the contraceptive industry upon us. It’s called the Bimek SLV, which also goes by the rather amusing and far catchier name name, ‘Dick Click.’.

Dick click picture

It claims to allow men to switch their sperm supply off and on using surgically-inserted valves. That is right, you can turn your sperm on and off, you did hear me right.

It works by physically switching the valve on and off through the scrotum, which diverts the sperm until you flip the switch back.

Sounds pretty simple.

However, before we get too excited, it does seem there is a bit of concern as to whether it is safe or not

“My assessment is that implanting the valve could cause scarring where it meets the vas deferens,” Wolgang B├╝hmann, a spokesperson for the Professional Association of German Urologists said.

I have no idea what the ‘vas deferens’ is, but I get the point.

dick click switch

However, when you compare it to a vasectomy, it isn’t that bad. A vasectomy is apparently bloody painful, and isn’t always that successful. So, Dick Click, if it works, probably beats that option out.

Is This a Good Idea?

Now one of the big questions has to be, would women actually trust guys to turn the switch on? I can just see many guys (OK, I count myself in that number) forgetting to press the button in the heat of passion. A condom is different, it is there. You can’t say ‘oh, I forgot to put the condom on’ as the fact it isn’t there is a give-away. Oh, any guys who tries that excuse is lying, ladies.

Also, if it is a switch, could you accidentally knock it back on when you had rough sex? Seriously, I can just imagine my partner riding me, accidentally hitting the switch

Obviously if you look at the picture, it does look invasive. Let’s face it, it doesn’t look natural. However, it does seem fascinating. I always say that men need to make more of an effort with contraception. Traditionally it has been seen as a woman’s job. The modern condom has changed that, but in a relationship, many men still expect their partners to be in charge of this sort of thing.

The question is, would you use it? Or would you allow your partner to use it? You can answer in the poll below. I have to say, I am pretty fascinated to see what you have to say!

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