Are We Losing Interest In Squirting?

When it comes to porn, there are certain things we tend to look for more than others. Lesbian porn, anal, and amateur have all proven to be very popular on porn sites throughout the years. Other things, such as squirting, have enjoyed a rise in popularity… or so it seems.

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Although the number of searches on porn sites for squirting has increased since we first started searching for it on Pornhub back in 2010, the number of searches in the last year seem to have decreased. Is is possible that we are losing interest in squirting? Why might that be? And what does it mean to squirt?

What is squirting?

For a lot of women, when they orgasm, there isn’t a physical reaction like there is for men. Their bodies will tense up and they’ll get wetter, but in most cases, this is about as far as it goes. The moaning and groaning that accompanies these actions is usually a sign that they are having a good time.

However, for some women they can do something else. They can squirt. The squirt is basically the female ejaculation.

During orgasm, there will be a gush of fluid. Squirters will fire liquid from the vaginal area with force, and it is obvious to whoever they are with that they have just come. This is said to be the result of an incredibly intense orgasm, as well as a number of other contributing factors.

The female ejaculation is an often debated topic
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Is it real?

The problem with the squirt is that people can’t make up their mind about whether it is real. There have been so many studies throughout the years to debunk it, with many claiming that it is nothing more than urine.

However, it still isn’t clear if the squirt is pee. In some cases it seems like the ejaculate is very close to it. But in others, it is unclear about just what it really is.

There is also the controversy over just what it is that we see in porn. When we look up squirting porn, do we really see the porn stars squirt, or is it all a ruse? Often it is faked, with water in the pussy just before the shot takes place, or they simply pee during sex.

For some people, the female squirt is a myth invented by porn
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The squirt in porn

When it comes to porn, squirting is a popular search. It is something that we want to see, because it is something that doesn’t happen to all women. Yes, there are plenty of articles claiming that all women are able to do it, but what if they aren’t?

In porn anything is possible. How many times have you watched a plumber get fucked while trying to fix a pipe? It happens a lot, and in porn we see a lot of women squirting. But it isn’t as popular as it used to be.

It seems that we don’t really care about the squirt as much as we used to. Pornhub have released some statistics on the number of times we search for it, and we can clearly see that the number of searches has decreased in the last year. Yes, it is still searched for a lot, but not as much as it used to be!

Pornhub statistics can tell us a lot about our porn habits
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Why are we losing interest?

There are plenty of different reasons for why we might be losing our interest in the squirt. For many of us, it will be as a result of the number of studies recently declaring that the squirt is nothing more than pee.

If you aren’t into watersports, you won’t want to get covered in it. It might also be that there are plenty of other things we’d rather see. Maybe we just want lesbians more?

How do you feel about the squirt? Do you believe that it is piss, or is it something else? Have you ever experienced it? We’d love to hear from you, so share your stories by leaving a comment below.

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