Looking for Pleasure? Do these “hook up” sites really work?

Well, after seeing all of these pop ups, adverts and stuff we were wondering if any if these sites actually work?

Well, lets get something straight – they all want your money. For example Fuckbook is anything between $15 a Month to $199 for a long term membership, and this is before you are even convinced if you are going to meet a real person, so it’s a leap of faith!

However, they claim to have over 6m users and recently won an industry award as the dating site of the year from XBIZ, which is not an easy task!

Arrange a date a Pizza Hut, and up meeting Jabba the Hutt

Well, there is a verification process that can be done. Very much like the process on for the escorts, you have to take a “selfie” holding a sign with “Fuckbook” on it. If admin then think it’s you, your profile will show as verified.

Much like our sites, this helps people know you are genuine, but by no means that you will actually meet someone.

Blonde woman sits on bed happily texting. She is naked

Having looked around the site it’s so hard to separate the “scammers” from the genuine people.

There are reviews, comments and blogs all over the net that say that there is a genuine community, but that there’s so many people masquerading on the site.

So, does it work?

Well, in all honestly we don’t know! We think that we keep things nice and simple here, and sites like this seem to promise a lot, so just make sure you do your research before you give up any payment information.

We guess people can only find out for themselves ,we’d love to know if it works, but for now we are very happy with the way we do things at Escort Ireland

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