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Londonderry, or County Londonderry as it is commonly known is one of six different counties located in the Northern parts of Ireland. The total area covered by the county comes to around 2,074 km (squared), while the approximate total population of the area is around 247,132. Londonderry is a great place to visit for people who are visiting Northern Ireland, and provides a great option for people who are visiting Northern Ireland. Londonderry has a prolific history, and there are numerous places of interest in here for visitors to take a look at.

The Sawel Mountain in Londonderry proves to be the highest point within the region, and is located right on the boundary of County Tyrone. There are numerous historical locations within this county, primarily because this was a part of historic province of Ulster. Evidence and remnants of past settlements can be easily seen on the countryside, and numerous old buildings have also been preserved. This is a great place for people to visit, not only because of the peaceful atmosphere and the nice climate of the region, but also because the people of Londonderry are extremely accommodating and friendly and you are bound to have a good time. A lot of people had been recently asking me to do a review on Londonderry; and for those who know me, you would know that I consider it pointless to visit a place without actually knowing its history, so here’s a brief history of Londonderry as well as the places you need to visit.

St Columb's Londonderry

Londonderry History

Compared to other parts of Ireland, Londonderry is still relatively new. It was created back when a charter was given by James 1 to the Irish Society to overlook the new plantation of the country. The date of the charter is set in 1613. This charter used the term ‘City of Londonderry and everything contained within’, which was the first recorded instance when Londonderry was recognized as a separate entity. However, the passing of the Local Government Act in 1898 meant that the ‘city’ was separated from the county for numerous administrative reasons, and became a separate county borough in 1899.

Throughout its history, Londonderry has historically been used for plantations. Thousands of acres have been set aside as per charters and official instructions, in order to prepare the area for plantations, and at present, numerous types of different plants are grown in Londonderry.

Londonderry Tourism

A number of important buildings as well as landscapes are situated within Londonderry and most of these have been very well preserved by the locals of the area. For instance, the original 17th century walls of the city of Derry, as it was previously known are still standing today. The Plantation estate which was owned by the National Trust also stands today at Springhill. One of the most beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean can be taken from the Mussenden Temple.

The famous Mussenden Temple is one of the most popular attractions and thousands of people all over the year flock to the Temple in order to offer their prayers as well as get a breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean. The visitor center located at Bellaghy Bawn is also very famous, primarily because of its close proximity to the house of Nobel laureate Seamus Heaney.

Martello Tower at Magilligan Point

The beautiful landscape of County Londonderry also proves to be a great attraction, as many people like to visit the Sawel Mountain. The Sawel Mountain, as mentioned above, is also the highest point located within the County. This is one of the mountains of the Sperrin Mountains, which have a very strong presence in the southern areas of the county.

Escorts in Londonderry

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  1. It’s not actually new, the settlement on the Foyle was formed in ancient times by St Columba, around the 5th century i think, it was a part of the ancient Kingdom of Aileach.

    Every city is new in regards to is buildings, it’s not like the buildings were there in medieval times.

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