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If there’s two things guaranteed to grab my attention, it’s cunnilingus and cake. What, you don’t think you can enjoy both at the same time? Of course you can. Pay no heed to the countless magazines which tell you how to improve your sex life by introducing oils produced by devout mute Buddhists or hooking one leg over the nearest available chandelier. I can guarantee you the vast majority of those “you’re doing it wrong” authors think it’s exotic if they manage some doggy on the ad break during Coronation Street. Ignore them.

Slow Sex 6 Ways You Can Slow It Down

When did sex become so goddamned serious? It’s supposed to be fun, not a carefully planned military exercise. The Sexpert, Rebecca Dakin, has written “101 Sex Tips” and it is medicine for the weary soul. Apart from some achievable and fun suggestions to get up to with your partner, there are cake recipes too, perfect. As Rebecca points out, both increase your serotonin levels; bring on the whipped cream and enthusiasm, say I.

Top Advice For Men

Now look, a brief word with men is required here. You know those porn movies you think we don’t know you watch? The ones where they’re hammering away for forty five minutes before finally climaxing? Utter hogwash. For a start, they’re often filmed over several days and remember, porn stars are sexual athletes, that’s their job. Remember also, that a lot of women don’t come from penetration but prefer clitoral stimulation or a combination of both. So you can pursue penetrative sex until it’s time to put up the Christmas tree again, it won’t matter.

Know what’s really sexy? Communication. Ask your partner what they like and what they’ve always wanted to try. Know what’s even sexier? Whispering to your partner at a party or in a crowded restaurant what you’re going to do to them when you get home. What I love about 101 Sex Tips is it steps away from the obvious areas of pleasure and talks about the fact that your skin is the largest organ you have, making suggestions about using your whole bodies in sensual embraces and exploring areas with your tongues … well, I won’t ruin it for you. Suffice to say I picked up one or two tips myself to the eternal gratitude of my partner who’s still wondering if the price to be paid is a trip to B & Q for shelving. 101 Sex Tips is written in a lighthearted and enjoyable style which makes it a relaxed read, not a manual. I think the most important point to take away is – “there is no such thing as the wrong way to do a sexual act provided it’s between consenting adults.” Bravo. Nothing’s wrong, just different, and 101 Sex Tips will show you how to throw your hang-ups and back issues of Cosmopolitan out the window, and let the real fun begin.

Laura Lee

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