How Do You Last Longer In Bed?

One of the biggest struggles men face in the bedroom is lasting long enough to satisfy their partner. You want to delay your ejaculation so that you can make them feel good, but finding the technique that works for you can be difficult.

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For those eager to last longer in bed, there are a few different things you could do. I’ve listed a few suggestions for you below so that you can test each one. These techniques might not work for everyone, so try them and see how you fare. You might just find a technique that helps you last longer!

Masturbate beforehand

We’ve all had that moment when we want to enjoy a day of marathon sex, only to find that our second orgasm doesn’t quite come as quickly as we were expecting. This is because we have come once already, and so our next orgasm is delayed.

For a quick fix, this is a fantastic method to try in the bedroom. You might not last forever, but it may just delay your ejaculation just enough to help get your partner closer to her own orgasm.

Masturbating beforehand can help to delay your own orgasm
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Often you become your worst enemy when it comes to premature ejaculation. You get so worked up that it will happen that it becomes inevitable. You cannot avoid it, and so this self-fulfilling prophecy means that you don’t last as long as you were hoping to.

The best thing that you can do? Learn to relax. When you stress out about it, it is much more likely to happen. So sit down with your partner and explain your concerns. They’ll be understanding and help you to work through things. They might even treat you to a relaxing massage to put you at ease!

If you are stressed out it is much more likely to happen
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Toys and condoms

Find that you are still struggling? You might need to switch the condoms you use. Many brands will offer thicker condoms, which can really help to delay your ejaculation. Each sensation isn’t quite as intense, so you can keep going for longer.

Cock rings also do a good job. They slow the flow of blood so that you can keep it up for longer, and they help to hold off your ejaculation, making you last longer. Best of all, many of them come with a vibrating bullet attachment, so your partner can be helped to reach her orgasm while you hold off yours!

Cock rings are your secret weapon for delaying your orgasm
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Sometimes there is just no chance that you can stop yourself from coming. The techniques aren’t enough and so you get frustrated with them. However, there is a technique you can try which will give you a little break.

Edging is a popular technique not only during masturbation, but also during sex. You get as close as you can to the brink of orgasm without going over and stop. For a few minutes, or until you feel ready, you stop stimulation of yourself. It is the perfect chance for you to pleasure your partner and you’ll find that it can help you to gain better control of your orgasm.

Edging is a fun technique to try!
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Longer foreplay

Still find that you cannot last longer than you were hoping to in bed? Maybe it just isn’t going to happen, and that is okay. If you learn to accept it there are still plenty of things you can do to leave your partner feeling good.

Most women don’t care how long you last, as long as you get them off. So instead of worrying about yourself, concentrate on her. Make foreplay last longer. Tease her and turn her on as much as you can. Get her to orgasm and she won’t mind if you come in five seconds of sex!

If you can't last longer don't worry, as you can turn the focus onto your partner instead
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How do you last longer?

There are plenty of different techniques out there for lasting longer. Many might try things like thinking of unsexy things to try and hold it off, while others will try getting their partner to pinch them, hoping the rush of pain will stop things.

What techniques do you use? Have you got a go-to technique that helps you to last longer, or are you still looking for the right one? Let us know by leaving a comment in the box below.

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