Korean Girl Paid Thousands for Webcam Eating!

The internet has given life to some really crazy stuff. Maybe it is something to do with having access to more information, giving people a chance to think about things that had never crossed their mind before? Or maybe when they realise other people do ‘strange things’, they feel less nervous about giving things a try? Either way, here at Escort-Ireland, we don’t judge. Whatever you get up to in the privacy of your own home is up to you (as long as it is is legal of course)

These crazes don’t always have to be sexual. Take this one coming out of South Korea.

When one of my friends sent me this story on Facebook I was taken aback, not because it was dirty, but just because it was so bizarre.

A Korean girl named Park, has started a webcam show where she eats food for three hours a day. People watch her eat, and pay for the privilege.

Park can earn up to $9000 a day, and has been able to quit her full time job at a consultancy firm.

The reasons people watch her vary. Some are on diets and get pleasure out of watching her eat, whilst others don’t want to eat late at night. Some people are actually lonely, so this gives them a chance to have company whilst they eat.

Another thing confused me. This Korean girl is hot. Now if I spent three hours a day eating I would end up 40 stone. I wonder what her secret is? Whatever it is, she should share it! Maybe between meals?

I’m not sure if this will ever catch on in Ireland, but then again, who knows what the future will bring?

The internet is most definitely changing the world!

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One thought on “Korean Girl Paid Thousands for Webcam Eating!”

  1. That’s quiet a spread she’s got there, but I’ll put her to shame by polishing off a KFC Bargain Bucket in front of her (and I mean the £14.99 one, not the £10.99 one!).

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