KKK Leader Caught With Black Male Prostitute!

I hate racists. I have always considered everyone just people, and I have no interest if someone is black, white, yellow, green or purple. I find racists of any colour complete morons, and for the most part, total hypocrites.

This is why I found this story quite hilarious. A former Klu Klux Klan ‘Grand Dragon’ (top boy in English) who is accused of three people outside two Jewish centres in Kansas, has been revealed to have been arrested for having sex with a male prostitute in his car back in the 1980’s.

Not only that, his conquest was black, and dressed as a woman at the time.

An Accused Murderer

Frazier Glenn Miller is accused of killing a doctor, his teenage grandson and a mother of three outside the community centre and the nearby Village Shalom senior living centre in April in an act of complete barbarity, which we hope he is punished heavily for, if found guilty.

Miller formed the Carolina Knights of the Klu Klux Klan in the 1980’s and ran the organization until he was arrested for running an illegal paramilitary organisation.

The KKK have deep rooted ‘values’ such as ant-Semitism, white supremacy and being anti-homosexual. One wonders how this kind of story went down at KKK head office?

Miller denied having sex with the male prostitute, instead saying he lured him into the car to beat him up. Sure mate, I believe you!

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I can say with a pretty much 100% certainty that that community is much less hypocritical than the white power one!

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