What Kind Of Kink Should You Try Next? (Quiz)

There are so many different things that you can try out if you venture into the world of kink. Most people think of kinky sex and automatically imagine whips, chains, and leather. But there is so much more to BDSM than this.

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BDSM is such a vast world for you to explore. If you have a willing partner you trust, nothing is too much for them. You’ll be able to try so many different things and discover what you love the most in the bedroom. Not sure where to start? We have a few suggestions for you.

What is your kink?

Trying to figure out what your kink is can be really tough. For those with absolutely no idea about the kind of things that interest them, or what counts as BDSM, it can be difficult to narrow down your options. Thankfully there are a few different things you can do.

Watching porn is probably the most popular way of doing it. Productions such as ‘The Upper Floor’ give you the chance to watch everything from tame spankings to hardcore BDSM, with whips, ropes, and electric shocks. If you find yourself turned on by something while watching, the chances are that you will want to try it for yourself.

Another great idea is to try a few tests. Questionnaires such as the BDSM test ask you a number of detailed questions, which you rate on your interest in those subjects. At the end you get a detailed breakdown of just where your kinks might be, and you can learn more about them. So what kind of kinks might you find that you haven’t heard much about before?

Ropes and riggers

Ropes are a fun part of BDSM for many people, but most don’t know the way to do it properly. They’ll simply tie hands and not want to go further, but there is so much more that can be done with ropes… and you will have seen from the video above.

You can tie ropes in a huge number of ways. You can tie them around tits to make them more prominent. You can even position the rope so that it rubs on your clit or cock every single time that you move. If you long to be tied up, you would be referred to as a rope bunny.

If you would rather be the one doing the tying, you are a rigger. Riggers know the best ways to tie the rope so that it won’t hurt. Instead they want the rope to restrict movement. They are skilled with knots and can make someone covered in ropes look like a work of art!

Ropes can be a lot of fun in BDSM if you have a rigger who knows what they are doing
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Primal play

Hearing the noises your partner makes is a huge turn on in bed. Most of us enjoy hearing a sexy moan when you hit the right spot, but if you enjoy the growls and scratches of your partner as you fuck, you might want to try primal play.

In primal play there are two key roles: the prey and the hunter. The prey is the one who will get fucked, while the hunter is the one who tends to take control.

For a lot of people it involves rough body play. You’ll act with primal urges, everything you do will be unfiltered and raw. It makes sex incredibly intense, and if you think that this is the kink for you try growling in bed next time. You’ll see just how much your partner loves it!

Primal play involves a lot of trust but can be incredibly sexy when done right!
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Bratty behaviour

We are constantly told what it means to be a good slave. You are supposed to obey your domme’s every command. Whatever they ask of you, you are meant to do. But what if your kink is resisting their demands?

If so, you might be a brat. Brats are slaves who will act up intentionally to attract attention. They will want to be punished by their master or mistress, and so will disobey them in order to get what they think they deserve.

Some people don’t enjoy this. They feel that it is topping from the bottom. However, there are a number of mistresses and masters out there who enjoy the power play here. Make sure you talk to your partner about it to see what they think!

For some dominatrixes they love their sub playfully resisting as they get the chance to punish them more
Original source: Spanking279

Your favourite kinks

We all have a kink we want to explore, or perhaps we want to try something new but not sure where to start? Hopefully porn will give you some inspiration, or the quiz might show you what areas of BDSM you should try next.

Got a favourite kink you believe everyone should have a go at? Tell us all about it by leaving a comment in the box below. Share your experiences and you might just help others discover something sexy and new to try!

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