Jenna Jameson Racist Anti-Muslim Tirade

I have to admit it, growing up, Jenna Jameson was always my favourite porn star. Her boobs were amazing, and the way she was able to use her hips, well, just wow.

Jenna Jameson

However, in recent days, Jenna has become the talk of the internet, and not in the way that she usually is. In-fact, she has gone on a tirade against Muslims and defended the KKK. Yes, you did just hear me right, sadly.

Shocking Tweets

Repeat after me… Muslim rape gangs,” she wrote yesterday linking to a web page about a mother being raped for hours in Sweden.

She later tweeted: “I don’t ‘hate’ them… I disagree with absolutely everything they represent, and I am utterly unafraid to express my opinion.”

And she added: “I disagree with following an ideology that abuses women, kills gays, mutilates female children and murders apostates.

“Even moderate Muslims believe homosexuality is a criminal offense, polygamy is the norm, women are considered animals. Shall I go on?”

It didn’t stop there. She then seemed to state that the KKK were better than Muslims.

“Do the klu klux klan follow a religion that orders the death of apostates?” she tweeted.

“When was the last time we saw a klan member blow up infidels?”

Now you may realise that the KKK lynched black people. Well, Twitter users made her aware of this. However, she had a response.

“Yes, and thank god they’ve been all but eradicated and forced into obscurity… no thanks to the democrats who created them.”

When I said she had a response, I didn’t say it was a good one.

Freedom Of Speech, But Be Quiet Jenna!

I am not going to go into the issues in the Muslim world. Yes, there are the likes of ISIS who do a lot of this stuff that she mentions. However, she looks like she is getting involved in mass generalisations.

Now I do have to say, I have no problems at all with pornstars getting involved in political discussion. The likes of Mercedes Carrera are as bright as they are hot. And yes, freedom of speech is important. It isn’t just a freedom to say ‘nice things’.

However, I have my freedom of speech too. When you get involved in mass generalisations of race and religion, you come across as a bigot, and you should be called out on it.
This isn’t the Jenna we like. Not the one who seems to be saying the KKK are morally superior to Muslims. The Jenna we like is usually riding some guy like Seabiscuit. Maybe that is what she should stick to.

In a homage to that, he is Jenna at her finest. This will put a smile back on all your faces.

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