Is The Mile High Club REALLY Possible To Join?

A couple of strangers in America who were caught committing as sex act on a plane won’t face criminal charges but could pay fines of $800 each, a former federal prosecutor said.

Young woman who is imprisoned

A 48-year-old woman on her way from Detroit to Nashville was caught performing oral sex on a 28-year-old man on his way to Miami via Detroit whilst sat in their seats. This understandably annoyed fellow passengers, leading to complaints.

“It’s going to be very hard to find that this is criminal conduct under the federal code because it’s not a threat to the safety of the airline or other passengers,” said Peter Henning, now a Wayne State University law professor.

“It’s certainly distasteful, but it was not disruptive or interfering with the operation of the plane — and that’s typically what (airline incident) charges involve,” he said. “The embarrassment is probably the biggest punishment they can receive.”

FBI Involvement

They were taken into custody Sunday at the Detroit Metro Airport terminal when the plane landed, airport spokeswoman Erica Donerson said. The FBI then took over, which potentially escalates the situation.

“The FBI issued the citations, so they are handling the case,” said Donerson, who didn’t know the exact nature of the citation. “All I know is that (the FBI) responded and took it from there. … We have a police report, so I’m assuming something happened.

The former FBI chief in Detroit, Andy Arena, said he had seen nothing like it.

“I’ve never seen anything like this,” he said. “It’s criminal stupidity, felony stupidity.”

The Mile High Club

I have to say, neither have I. I am not sure how they could think they could get away with it. Maybe she lay in his lap feigning sleep, but the subterfuge didn’t last when her head starting going up and down like she was bobbing apples.

This is the issue with the mile high club. Yes it may be on many peoples bucket list, but if you go anywhere near the toilets with a partner, you will get busted by the stewards and stewardesses. If you start doing it in full view of fellow travellers, then you will get arrested and end up on our pages, which I can guarantee isn’t a good place to be unless you are an escorts advertising.

Is the mile high club actually possible to join then? Well, it is, but the risks are just so high. There is basically a 100% chance you will get busted and likely arrested. So, it is basically up to you whether you fancy taking the bullet for it. Then again, you could get your own private jet. If you can afford that, good on you.
Well, I hope it was a good blowjob, as they will certainly be paying for it!

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