Interview with VIP Duo (Lola and Jil)

Interview with VIP Duo | For the first time in years, we have a new section on our blog. We’ve managed to make some time to interview one of E-I’s lovely and popular advertisers, get to know them more on a personal level, and learn more about their experiences. We hope that everyone is excited about this new interview section and enjoys reading every part of it!

Today we are going to meet Lola and Jil, a friendly and fun heart attack duo! (VIP Duo)

Did you come to Ireland together? Why did you make the decision to come to Ireland?

Lola: Yes, we came to Ireland together.
Jil: We were told about Ireland and we decided to come here, the truth is that we are doing quite well!

How long have you been working together?

Lola: Phew… a decade!

How do you organise the DUO appointments?

Lola: We always open the door together, we accompany the client to the room and to the shower together.
Jil: We try to choose matching lingerie and look very sexy and make sure everything is perfect for the client 😉

What is the best thing about working together?

Lola: The company, she’s the only person who puts up with me hahaha 😄
Jil: Hahaha we are friends above all else and we are also very good at working together 🥰

When you don’t have an easy day, do you encourage each other?

Lola: Of course, she is my support!
Jil: She’s mine!

What is the weirdest thing a client has asked you?

Jil: We accompanied a young client to the shower and when he came out he was wearing a very old lady’s dress with matching panties! 😂

And what did you do?

Jil: What are we going to tell him? That he was very pretty and that if he lent it to us! 🤣🤣🤣

What is the favourite thing you enjoy the most when you are at DUO?

Lola: Kissing her!
Jil: We really enjoyed the time together!

How do you relax after a day’s work?

Jil: We rest, we get energy! We only come a few days a month, so rest.

In your free time, do you still spend time together or do you prefer to do things alone?

Lola: Yes, we spend time together, even on holidays!

What is the gift you have enjoyed receiving the most? What is the most unusual?

Lola: A Calvin Klein pyjamas and a Louis Vuitton bag! 😍
Jil: A very generous client left me 3,000 euros! 😎

Have you worked in countries other than Ireland?

Lola: Also in England and Germany.
Jil: Yes, in France and Switzerland.

Do you plan to go on holiday for the rest of the summer?

Lola: We will be with the family.
Jil: Yes, we will share time with the family.

Do you think it is possible to have a boyfriend while you are in this profession?

Lola: For me it is not possible to combine the two.
Jil: It would not be possible for me either.

What do you think about married men visiting escorts?

Jil: We are a social good. I believe that if we didn’t exist, the world would be in chaos.
Lola: In the end… we fulfil fantasies!

What advice would you give to an escort who is just starting out?

Jil: Be smart and save money!
Lola: I would say the same, invest!

Do you have any purpose for the rest of the year?

Jil: Not really, I just hope it ends even better than it started! 🥰
Lola: Yes, that’s what we’re working for!

Thank you so much Lola and Jil (VIP Duo) for agreeing and for taking part in this interview. 💚💚💚

We hope that you all enjoyed reading the interview, have learned something new from this and have learnt to appreciate all advertisers just that little bit more.


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