How to Make Her Squirt

Some women don’t know how to orgasm, while others need little more than a few nibbles of their necks in order to reach orgasmic heights. There are a few who are able to squirt their juices all over you and the bed when they come. Although we would like to believe that every woman is capable of doing this on demand, in fact only 5% of women admit to having squirted. This doesn’t mean it’s not possible. If you are with a woman who is very sexually in tune with herself, she is likely to let you try a variety of techniques to attempt a squirt. This article provides some tips to try to help your partner ejaculate.


Before you make her ejaculate

When a woman ejaculates, it comes from the urethra. Studies have concluded that the clear liquid that is ejaculated is not urine, but as it comes from the same place women are likely to confuse the sensations. If your partner doesn’t have complete control over her PC muscles, there is a chance that she may actually urinate over you. If this does end up happening, try not to make a big deal about it. To ejaculate she needs to let go, and she may not be sure yet of the difference between both sensations. If you freak out, it is likely your partner will be embarrassed and will never want to try this again.

Use your fingers

While there are some women who can ejaculate through clitoral stimulation, or through other acts such as penile penetration and nipple stimulation, the most effective way to achieve this outcome is through G-spot manipulation. We recommend starting with your fingers are you are more aware of where and what you are stimulating. Begin with some foreplay to get her in the mood. Lick her clitoris and kiss her thighs and buttocks to heighten her arousal. Foreplay will help your partner relax and she will more likely be in the mood to experiment. Once she begins to get excited, insert a couple of fingers inside her vagina, with your palm facing towards the ceiling. If you can, keep licking or kissing her for added excitement.

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About an inch or two inside the vagina, you will likely hit a bean shaped area; that’s the G-spot. Continue stroking the area with pressure; it may start to harden but just keep doing what you’re doing. If you can, try using your other hand to gently press down on the area between her navel and her pubic mound for increased stimulation. If she tells you that she feels like she’s about to urinate, assure her that it’s unlikely to happen and that she needs to let go to ejaculate. This is where reassuring words are needed; tell her how hot she looks and how much you want her to come. Her instincts are likely to be holding her back, so your encouragement will help her relax.

As she begins to reach orgasm and starts to ejaculate, keep in mind that this could be a light treacle of liquid or as the title suggests an actual squirt of liquid. There is no normal type of ejaculation and the amount of liquid expelled can reach anywhere from a teaspoon to a cup. For this reason it is a good idea to have some towels to spare. After she squirts like crazy, the chances are she won’t feel like going again. Think of how sensitive the head of your penis becomes after you ejaculate, her vagina will be similar. Only go for a second round if she is begging for more.

Keep getting the goods

Getting your partner to ejaculate may not be as simple as described above; it will take some patience, experimentation, pressures and positions. It is also worth stimulating other parts of her body while you are inside her. Use your free hand and your mouth to manipulate her nipples, neck or navel. Some women actually feel more comfortable with their nipples being rubbed and kissed, as clitoris stimulation can be overwhelming. You could also opt to rotate between your fingers and penile penetration – doggy style is a good position to use for this. Some women can ejaculate through sex alone, or through using a vibrator first to get her excited and then finishing off with penetration. Again, it is all about experimenting to see what helps release your partner’s juicer side.

Every woman has the ability to have a mind blowing orgasm and to ejaculate. The hardest part is convincing her to relax, let go and ejaculate all over you. Not all women are comfortable with letting go, so be patient. The Belfast escorts are great at providing tips to help get your partner in the mood. Give them a call today and ask away – they are more than happy to share their advice with you.

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