How To Make Come Taste Good!

Gentlemen, are you the type of guys who enjoy seeing your partners taking a load of your cum? Yes? That’s awesome! However, do your sexy companions not like the idea of it because of the way it tastes? Well, if you’re looking for some advice on how to make your cum taste better, you’re looking at the right article.

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What you put in is what comes out

The most common aspect to think about is your diet. Take the analogy of a bodybuilder for example, if we forget the weight lifting exercises he has to do to get that chiseled body he always wanted, he’s going to need a diet of chicken, eggs, rice and broccoli that will get him fit. You’re not gonna get a body like Brad Pitt from ‘Fight Club’ when you’re eating a lot of stuff that you know will make you fat…the logic applies to your cum too.

Let me tell you a little story that an old friend of mine gossiped to me about. We were sitting in a nice cafe back in my hometown, I was having a black coffee while she was having a small latte. You know that women love to talk, I’m a woman and I talk a lot…anyway, she was telling me about how great the sex was with her boyfriend at the time, but she didn’t like it when he wanted her to swallow his load. She tried it once but said it tasted like a load of crappy food mixed together in a blender and formed into a puree. Hmm…nice.

However I digress, if you want your cum to taste like sweet, succulent sugar, you need to sort your diet out.

Do you fancy a glass of Pineapple Jizz?

You may have already heard that pineapple juice gives your cum a fantastic taste, well it’s true. In fact, all kinds of fruit will make your cum taste as sweet as your favourite milkshake, your partner will want to drink up your milkshake if you’re basically going on a vegetarian diet…actually, go vegan! Eat as many bananas, apples, cranberries, lemons and oranges as you can, or anything that’s organic; just eat clean. Like anyone who is trying to lose weight, try to avoid the fried food and dairy. If it’s going to put fat around your waistline, don’t expect your cum to not taste like fat.

However, if going vegan to make your cum taste good is something that will make you bash against the wall and hunt for the nearest butcher’s shop, then it’s advised to stick with poultry, rather than red meat. If you want to add a little spice to your juice – oh God, I sound like Jamie Oliver now – you can include cinnamon and peppermint into your diet too.

Now, I’m sorry for all the coffee, alcohol, and cigarette lovers out there reading this, but you should cut those things out too. It actually makes your cum quite bitter, and your partner will start making faces like she had just watched the ‘2 girls, 1 cup’ video. Lay off these stimulates for about a week or 2, then your sexy companion will notice the difference in flavour.

The red pill or the blue pill? How about NO pill?

Are you one who would rather take the diet pills than altering your food and exercise? You may find it hard to believe that there are pills manufactured to make your cum taste like blueberries or fucking earl grey tea. You can take these pills if you want to continue eating all the bacon you want, and still get your cum to taste like the fruits of the forest. However, the risk of having an allergic reaction to it are quite high. A lot of these type of pills haven’t been medically tested. Therefore, it’s advised to not spend your money on brands like ‘Sugar Cum’ or ‘Yummy Cum’ which could make your cum burn your companion’s throat.

Your personal ‘protein shake’

Here’s a side note: women and men would reap the benefits of consuming semen. It has been proven that semen, not sex, has lowered the rate of people feeling depressed. Plus, it contains a high amount of protein, therefore it would help your sexy friend get some muscles and get some energy for round 2. It would be like a mother trying to give her child vitamins, but he doesn’t want to eat them because they taste like shit. So what do the manufacturers do? Cover them in something sweet.

It cannot be more simple than just buying a copious amount of pineapple juice and a variety of fruit to make your cum taste like something the heavens have created. You don’t want your partner to be protein deficient now, do you?

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  1. to the best of my knowledge,the depression is cured in pregnant women if they swallow the semen of the guy who made them pregnant only ,also cures morning sickness

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