Hot Criminal ‘Earns’ Modelling Contract

A couple of weeks ago, the Escort Ireland blog brought you the story of the American criminal who had become a internet sensation after women all over the world found his picture ‘hot’.

Well, in another blow to my faith in humanity, it appears this guy is now going to get a modelling contract.

The image of Jeremy Meeks, 30, has earned 100,000+ likes and counting. His popularity originally encouraged ladies to send in cash to help his defence fund as he was a ‘poor guy who was at risk of being railroaded by the justice system’.

A Career Criminal

In fact, for anyone who doesn’t know, Meeks previously did time for grand theft and has had numerous other run-ins with the law. Apparently he’s a documented member of the Northside Gangster Crips, but his family insist he has gone straight.

Well, now Meeks has gone and got a contract with Blaze Modelz (I won’t bother to mention they spelt ‘models’ wrong)

Jermey Meeks, Black man in mugshot with various tatoos

Meeks may end up having difficulty getting in front of a camera though. He is currently being held on $1,050,000 bail after his arrest on seven felony charges, including “street terrorism,” and two misdemeanors for resisting arrest and revocation of parole.

One suspects by the time he gets out his looks will have faded.

Daft Women

This really pisses me off, and makes me embarrassed for my fellow women. These girls don’t actually care whether he is guilty or not, because he is ‘dreamy’. Well, these are the same women who then act really surprised when they are cheated on or become the victims of domestic violence.

And before anyone thinks I’m some sort of judgmental bitch who isn’t willing to give people a second chance, my husband has a criminal record. But that was in the past and he turned his life around, working hard to gain acceptance.

He didn’t get arrested with three loaded guns in his car, and then get helped out because he was good looking, whilst less good looking criminals get left to rot.

He wanted to change, and changed.

Garbage Relationships

If some women continue to believe that guys are allowed to do whatever they want as long they are good looking, they will continue to be in unequal relationships where the guy knows full well he can do whatever he wants as he will be forgiven by his shallow, moronic girlfriend.

Rant over. I need a lie down!

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