Why Do Guys Go To Escorts?

How many of the guys you know have used escort services at any stage? Let me guess, none right? Are you sure? It’s not the kind of thing most guys would publicise so how would you know? Now you’re thinking that it’s only the desperate or sleazy ones. Those that can’t get a date any other way. Guess what? The reality is quite different. Most of the men using these services are generally normal guys you might come across every day who happen to have some (often reasonable) needs that they want fulfilled.

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Who Are These Guys

There is no real stereotype. These men come from all walks of life. There is the businessman on an interstate trip. The lawyer married to his job. The good-looking but shy guy. The not so good-looking nice guy. The happily single guy. The virgin. The widower or divorcee. Do you recognize any of them yet? I’m sure you’re now thinking “Hmm… maybe so and so…possibly…”

What Are They looking For And Why?

There are all sorts of reasons for seeking a lovely female escort for a few hours or more. Let’s look at the businessman first. He’s at a weekend conference and there’s a big dinner that he wants to bring a date to but he doesn’t know anyone in town. He wants the convenience of having someone who will spend a few fun hours with him without any expectations about the morning after.

The lawyer (doctor, executive, etc..) spends 12 hours a day on his work and simply doesn’t have any time for a social life or relationship. His clients have invited him to a weekend party at a golf club and he doesn’t want to turn up alone so he asks the escort agency for an elegant woman who can happily chat to the other women for hours and then cheer him on during the game.

The Harrison Ford or Brad Pitt look-alike who might be a computer geek or who holds a doctorate in astro-physics. He’s never quite got the hang of social skills in any context let alone being around women or having a girlfriend. He’s simply lonely and wants someone to go out with to the movies or to hang out with him at home and make him feel better about himself for a while.

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What about the really nice guy that is like the boy next door. Everyone likes him but he is too short, fat, pimply or just doesn’t have attractive features. Why can’t he have a bit of fun in his life too?Who knows, he might just be the best lover around but he always gets overlooked.

Mr Single wants to stay that way. He doesn’t want the hassle of a relationship. He’s having too much fun and he has the cash to indulge himself with anything he wants. And he wants a sexy woman to have a great time in the sack with even on the spur of the moment.

The divorcee or widower just doesn’t want to get involved in a relationship. It hurts too much. It makes more sense to hire an escort when he needs one either for a bit of female companionship or to simply cuddle up to on occasion.

The virgin (or the ‘only had sex once or twice so may as well be a virgin’) wants help to gain experience. He wants to know what he’s been missing out on and then hopefully he won’t look like a fool when he does find that someone special later.

Then there’s the sex addict or adrenaline junkie. He loves the rush he gets from having sex with different women regularly. He is not necessarily violent. It could be the outlet for an otherwise mundane life. Some guys need to feel as though they are always in control. It boosts their ego and can compensate for other areas in life that are a bit chaotic.

Mr Married loves his wife and would never consider leaving her. But, with raising the kids she has lost her libido and just hasn’t been interested in sex for a long time. He understands but his own needs can’t be ignored either. Sometimes he even tells her what he is doing. Or the other Mr Married had a lovely wife who does have sex with him but she just isn’t into the sort of fantasies that turn him on. He’d like to see some lingerie or to play a few rough and tumble games but she just doesn’t enjoy that so it kills the mood for him to. If he sees an escort on occasion he can specify whatever fantasy he likes and he’ll most likely get it.

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Different Kinds Of Appointment

Not all men book escorts for sex though. They might simply want the company for a while. It doesn’t even have to be included in the agreement. In fact the sex part has to have mutual consent at the time of booking and is not actually considered part of the paid service. The payment is for the time spent together. That is what distinguishes an escort from a prostitute and why escort agencies are generally quite legal.

Now I’m sure you have realised that these are real men who you probably cross paths with every day. If you suspect you know their secret, try not to judge them. You may not know their reasons for seeking an escort but it is usually filling a real and valid need in their lives. The women who become escorts are fully aware of the essential role they play and are usually very respectful and caring. They may not get recognition for the good work they do but they have helped countless men enjoy their lives just that bit more.

Let’s give them all a cheer!

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One thought on “Why Do Guys Go To Escorts?”

  1. Very well said, excellent article 🙂

    When you are on the outside of this escorting world you hold the same stereotypical views you talk about, but when you decide to enter this fantasy world you realise how wrong the stereotype is…but then again society does not differentiate between prostitution and escorting so its no surprise really…but its one hell of a positive surprise once you open the door into this fantasy world 🙂

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