How to create playful and engaging stories

Here is a quick and easy, 5 step guide to creating the best Escort-Ireland “stories” that boost your adverts while on tour!

If you’ve used our service, by now you should be familiar with our incredible new feature – Stories. In case you don’t already know, this works like the “stories” feature on any other social media platform, where you simply select the photos or videos you want to show and upload them onto the story tab.

Sounds simple enough but using this feature can have an incredible effect. Not only does it allow you to feature at the very top of the Escort-Ireland homepage, but it allows the people who see your story to respond to you directly by messaging, emailing or calling.

Now, it’s time to learn how to use this feature to your professional advantage and enhance your active advertising while on tour.

Here are some easy steps to create the perfect story on Escort-Ireland.

Step 1: Choose your content

Generally, the best and most engaging stories on the Escort-Ireland platform, are those which are quite casual and show your authentic self.

That can be a cheekier and out-there picture to show your more mischievous side or a sweeter and more romantic version of you. However, and whatever you’re feeling at that moment – make sure the picture or video shows it! Please remember to include high-quality content (good lighting, not blurry or cropped) that is not too explicit and doesn’t show off your naughty bits (genitals).  

Step 2: Create the Story

Now you need to upload some content. So, you can simply post something from your picture/ video gallery on your phone (for example). Or, if you’re feeling a little more adventurous, you can create your “story” using an online app where you can play around with adding music and special effects to enhance your content. Here is a website to check out for some inspiration: 10 Apps For Creating Beautiful Instagram Stories in 2021

Another way is to use an app like Instagram, which lets you create amazing stories right on their platform. Once your “story” is created, (whether you used an online app or simply your photo/video gallery) all you need to do is make sure you saved it and then upload it into your Escort-Ireland story.

Step 3: Caption

Another important element to consider is the positioning of the picture or video if you want to include text over it. This isn’t a “call to action” per say, but a fun and flirty way to grab people’s attention without too much hassle or effort. If the content itself isn’t enough to spark interest, you can add a caption that says, “taken in the last hour” or “Want to meet me?” to excite their imaginations.

Since the text always appears at the top of the “story” it’s important to choose content that will still look good if the top part of it is not fully visible. So please make sure you’re not cropping anything out by adding your caption!

Step 4: Call to Action

The most important thing to remember is that the real purpose of this feature is to give you more visibility and help you make the most of your adverts while on tour. That’s why including a “Call Me” or “Visit my Profile” button (or both) is so important! If you don’t, how are interested people meant to get in touch???

Another amazing advantage of the “Call to Action” button is its ability to tease the people who would just casually window shop and browse the page without contacting any of the escorts, into engaging with you. Seeing an instruction like “Call Me” accompanied by a sexy photo or video can be a powerful marketing tool, especially in your active adverts – so use it!

Step 5: Quality & Quantity

As we’ve mentioned before, it is crucial to include content that is high quality, fun and engaging. But in terms of quantity, when you purchase 1 story you can upload up to 3 pieces of content (photos, videos or a mix) which will be visible on the homepage for 24 hours from the moment they’re approved.

It’s important that you always include 3 pieces of content per story (if possible), since you’re paying for it already, you might as well use it. But remember 3 pieces of content does not equal 3 stories, it’s one story with three images or videos.

If you’ve ever used Snapchat, Instagram or even Facebook – then you know exactly what a “story” looks like. But if you ever struggling for inspiration or simply don’t know where to even begin, it’s always a good idea to check out other creators. Who knows, maybe even casual social media browsing can be a source of imagination and creativity.

Have you already created your first stories? If you haven’t done it yet, what are you waiting for?!


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