Should You Get Back with an Ex?

Most of us have been there at one point or another. We break up with an our partner and we begin to think ‘go on, lets give it another go’. This, as many of us have come to know through experience can be an absolute disaster.:

When we are considering it, four main thought processes go through our heads. Following through with these ideas is what causes us the problems.

This is why your friends here at Escort Ireland have put together these four reasons you think about getting back with an ex, and why these reasons are usually garbage. If you feel yourself wavering, or if you are new to the dating game, then we hope you find it useful.

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1) Was the Reason we Broke up REALLY Worth it?

After you have spent some time apart, the reason you broke up in the first place starts to fade out of memory. OK, maybe not the reason, but just how important it was at the time.

Now let’s get something straight; you broke up for a reason. And if that reason wasn’t important, you wouldn’t have broken up would you?

Just because you have spent some time on your own doesn’t change this reality. Remember this when you are debating going back to your ex.

2) They Have Changed

Actually they haven’t. It takes a long time for people to change as a character, and not a few months whilst you have been apart. If we aren’t talking a long time since you have spoken to them, then it is pretty obvious they haven’t had some sort of epiphany.

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You would be getting back with the same person you broke up with. It is important that is considered. Wishful thinking doesn’t make it any different

3) My Ex is Missing Me

Well that may be the case. It is completely natural to miss someone you have been in a relationship with. Both partners are likely to pine for the times when things were better.

They may even be nice to you if you get back with them. But really, are you the real you at the start of a relationship? Of course not. You spend at least a few months painting a good impression of yourself.

However, once the mask slips, you are left with the same problems and lack of compatibility that caused you to break up in the first place.

The fact that your ex may be missing you should not be part of any decision making process.

4) I was at Least Comfortable There

Once a couple has been together for a while they know each other well. You know what makes each other tick. There may not be the passion that there was at the start, but there is a comfortable feeling. The hard work (when it comes to learning about each other) has already been done.

Now obviously that doesn’t mean your weren’t going to break up, obviously you did. But there was a comfort in what you knew.


Starting a new relationship can be hard when compared to the easy going feel you once had. But mark my words, if a relationship wasn’t working before, it is unlikely to work again in the future.

Talk to an Escort

Change is hard, but change can be good. Don’t be scared of what the future has to offer. If you need to have a chat about relationship issues, or anything else for that matter, why not give a Belfast escort a call? They will be able to give you a pointer in the right direction, and you will have a great time in the process.

Good luck!

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