Five Tips to Breaking up With Your Partner!

Here on the Escort Ireland blog, we talk extensively about sex. That is unsurprising as it is an escort website. Still, that doesn’t stop us having people asking us about real relationship issues. Maybe it is because this is such a popular website with adults? When you have so many mature people in one place, doesn’t it make sense to start talking about real issues?

Today we are going to deal with a tricky one. What is the best way to handle a break up? It is one that has baffled people for generations, so if you are struggling, don’t worry, you are not on your own.


Unless the other person has done something really wrong, or you are just an unfeeling asshole, breaking up will be difficult.

This is why your friends here at Escort Ireland have put together a five point guide to breaking up with your partner. There is no magic wand, and it wont be pleasant, but hopefully it will help you do it without causing too much damage.

Here goes.

1) Don’t Stretch it Out

If you want to break off a relationship, do it.

The worst thing that can happen is for the other person to know something is wrong, and consequently waiting for the day to arrive that you have ‘the talk’. This can have a severe mental affect on the other person in the relationship.

You have to be cruel to be kind. No-one said it was going to be easy.

2) Right Time, Right Place

Can there ever really be a ‘right time and a right place’ to end a relationship? Maybe not, but you can certainly have the ‘wrong time and wrong place’ to do it.

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Don’t break up with someone on holiday, before a major event like a birthday, or at their favourite restaurant. This will bring back negative associations in the future when these places or times are revisited.

Pick a neutral venue. It isn’t going to be easy, but you can minimise the damage going forward.

3) Create Closure

In an effort to ease the pain, many people make the the other person feel like there is a chance they could get back together in the future. This is a big no-no.

How can you bring something to an end and move on, if the other person doesn’t know it is REALLY the end?

Don’t give out false hope; that is even crueler than breaking up with someone in the first place.

4) Give Them Space

This is a big one. If you know there is a place they like to hang out, don’t go there for a while. They will be hurting from the break-up, so seeing your face walking around the local bar isn’t going to go down well is it?

Find a new drinking haunt or restaurant; there are plenty to choose from. It will be far kinder.


5) Move On

Ok, let’s get this straight, you can’t be friends with an ex. You have shared something very special, and that isn’t going to just go away!

Going out for a coffee or a chat really isn’t going to help things come to a close. And my god, don’t sleep with them, that is just brutal.

It is time for you both to move on with your lives. The process must start from the moment you have the conversation, and nothing should hold you, or them, back from that point.

We hope you found that useful. Break-ups are hard, but sometimes they are for the best.

Good luck!

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