Five Signs your Relationship is in Trouble

We have all been in that position at some point in our lives. We are in a relationship, but things just aren’t as good as they used to be. As we get more experienced, we realise that not every downturn means there is going to be an inevitable break up. Things could just be tough at work or with the family.

There are however some tell tale signs that things aren’t right and need to be dealt with one way of another. Here at Escort Ireland we have put together a five point guide on factors that suggest all is not well between you and your partner. Here goes.

1) You are Getting more Irritated with Them

This is always a big one. It is when the little things your partner says get on your nerves, that you know something is wrong. Their complaints may not be regarding anything important, but the complaining goes right through you, and you would much rather they just be quiet. This is in stark contrast to what things were like at the start when it never used to bother you at all.

2) A Lack of Communication

The key to a good relationship is good communication. Sometimes it gets to the stage where couples no longer explain their thought processes, and instead just go direct to the point. This will lead people to think they are being spoken to like a child, and we all know what problems that can cause.


Keep the communication lines up, it is imperative.

3) You are Avoiding Them

At one point in the relationship you would do anything to spend time with your partner. But sadly there comes a time for many where they would much rather be out with their friends or at the pub. It is when this happens that people can start drifting apart.

Ask yourself why this is happening. You may not like the answer.

4) One of you is Getting Controlling

There are different reasons why people get controlling in a relationship. One reason is that they are an asshole, and at that point you need to seriously question your future with them.

However, some people do it because they feel they are losing someone special, so they need to make sure they are with them and know what they are doing all of the time.

Either way, this is a quick fire way to bring the relationship crashing down around your ears. People want to feel free, even when they are with someone.


5) A Lack of Sex

This is one of the more complicated issues. People are very rarely going to get as much sex as they did at the start of the relationship. So if there is a downturn in sexual relations, then that isn’t necessarily surprising.

However, if you are getting no sex at all, or so little that you may as well be single, then there is a difference, and certainly a problem. Sex is vital to keeping a relationship alive. It is the one thing that makes romance different to the friendship you have with your best mate.

Talk About It

If you feel that your relationship is in trouble, then it is best to actually discuss it with your partner. All problems are fixable. And if the problems can’t be fixed, then you know your time with that person is probably coming to an end.

The Cork escorts are always willing to have a talk and give some good advice on how to keep your relationship alive. It is sometimes a good idea to get the opinions of someone who doesn’t know either of you so they can give an unbiased opinion.

For those of you out there who are having relationship problems, good luck!

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