Five Foreplay Tips that will Drive him Wild!

Foreplay is one of those things that is highly under-utilised in the bedroom. When it comes down to it, many people are in a rush to get down to the act of sex. Foreplay is often seen as the thing to get the guy hard, or the woman wet so you can start rutting away like rabbits. It is almost seen as a time consuming, necessary evil.

GOOD foreplay however, can be incredible in itself, and leave the body so turned on that you will actually have more explosive sex than if you just rush to the main course.

This is why your friends here at Escort Ireland have put together five foreplay tips to get a guy turned on. Now we are going to be speaking to the ladies here, but if any guy reads this, why not take these ideas back to your girlfriend? I am sure she will be more than happy to bring a few new tricks into the bedroom.

Here goes!

1) Masturbate in Front of Him

This is often overlooked as a means of foreplay. This is mainly down to the fact that women generally thing that if there is a guy there, what is the point in them doing it themselves?

They forget that men are very visual creatures. They will love it if you give them a show. Just remember to do it properly, like you are masturbating yourself on your own. If you go over the top and start faking it then the guy will spot it a mile off, you will look ridiculous, and the effect will be lost.

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2) Tease Him

As we said before, one of the main problems with the way people perform sex is the way they rush to it. A lot can be said for teasing the guy until he can take no more.

Start by giving him oral for a few minutes, then starting to work him with your hand, and then let him penetrate you for a short time. Then you take him back to kissing before he gets too carried away. You will have him screaming for you to finish him off after a while.

Just remember not to leave him tense for too long as he may begin to lose his erection. It is all about good timing and knowing your man!

3) Don’t Forget About Kissing

When couples are in a longer lasting relationship, they seem to forget about kissing. It is like kissing is something that got left behind in the times you were getting to know each other and hadn’t even had sex.

Start bringing it back. Kissing is one of the most passionate, intimate things you can do with a guy. Kiss him deeply and only feel his penis from over his jeans, without rushing to get further into it. This will let him know you want the moment to last.

It will also raise up the tension before you get down to business later on!

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4) Bring in some Roleplay

Many guys like their lady to dress up. This is evident in the popular ‘role play porn’ genre, which sees actresses dress up as teachers, Milf’s, Nurses, and babysitters.

There is every likelihood that your guy will have a fantasy about doing it with one of these characters, so why not find out about it and try it out?

This goes for any fantasy. Find out what it is and make it reality. If you make his dreams come true, you yourself will benefit in so many ways!

5) Talk Dirty to Him

A lot of women shy away from talking dirty because a) they get embarrassed, or b) they think it sounds fake.

This is a real shame as guys love to hear you tell them what you want them to do to you, or you to them. Tell him how wet you are feeling, it will drive him wild.

You can experiment with dominant or submissive roles, and find out what really does it for him. Either way, it will be an excellent addition to your bedroom antics.

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Asking an Escort

One good way to improve life in the bedroom is to ask one of the Cork escorts. They have experience in talking people through the most intimate of issues, so why not make a booking with one of them?

However you approach it, if you improve your foreplay, you will certainly give your sex life a real boost.

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