Five Bitesize Facts About Riley Reid

If there is one thing that we love about pornstars, it would be that there are a huge variety of them that we can choose to watch and masturbate to. And if there’s one thing that we love about the pornstars that we idolise, it would be the little bitesize facts that we can keep in the back of our minds.

Riley Reid

Let’s take Riley Reid for example.

She’s becoming popular on mainstream media, she’s cute, and she knows how to do her sex scenes right. Since she has starred in over 400 adult films, won 2014’s female performer of the year, and has been nominated as ‘the next Jenna Jameson’, I think it would be nice for you guys to take away a few facts about the 25-year-old pornstar before you finish your shifts at work.

One: Riley Reid is of Puerto Rican, Dominican, Cherokee, Chickasaw, Irish, German, and Dutch descent. Talk about being multi-cultured

Nevertheless, I had to admit that there is something about the way she looks that makes me think, ‘Hmm, what’s your story, lady?’ Similar to Sasha Grey’s ancestry, Reid has one colourful background that makes you feel like you’re masturbating to a group of women from different countries, cultures and ethics.

Two: Riley Reid has a degree in Psychology from Florida International University

What many people think about pornstars is that they’re a bunch of drop outs that don’t have any qualifications and ended up working at a sleazy bar in the middle of the desert in Arizona. You do realise that’s not really the case anymore, right?

Initially, Reid wanted to become a teacher, but delved into porn because she wanted to explore the industry. In her own words, she ‘was always so comfortable with the idea of being a slut.’

Three: Riley Reid’s first interracial scene made her win her first porn award

The star starred in the movie ‘Mandingo Massacre 6’ in 2014, and her boy/girl scene with Mandingo helped her win her first AVN award. I think I should let you guys know that she was only 23 at the time, which is quite a young age for someone to win an award from an organisation that’s as big and prolific as AVN.

Four: Riley Reid won most of her awards with Rey LaCroix

They may have different hair styles, different body types, and different boob sizes, but that doesn’t mean they don’t do well as a porn duo. Together, they have won awards for best MFF sex scene and best three-way sex scene. They’ve also been nominated for best group sex scene and best all-girl group sex scene.

Five: Riley Reid is a Cancerian

For all of you guys that follow horoscopes and astrology like the bible, the star’s birthday is July 9th. So, if you have a water sign, then you’d have a pretty good chance of having Reid as a date.

Unfortunately, judging from her Instagram photos (, she looks like she isn’t single. But don’t worry, you can still jack off to the view of her licking Remy LaCroix’s pussy, or getting double penetrated by two ebony guys with 9-inch cocks.

You can follow Riley Reid on Twitter: @RileyReidx3

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