Farewell Laura Lee – A True Industry Hero

I was sat down starting work a couple of weeks ago. I had actually sunk a bottle of red with Mrs Ward on the school night previously so it is safe to say that I wasn’t on top form anyway. Then I got a message that knocked me sideways.

Laura Lee

It was from a colleague who, obviously presuming I had heard the news, asked me to keep the story of Laura Lee’s death off Twitter, as her family wanted time to grieve. My response…”Whoa? Laura is dead?”. It put my hangover into perspective.

A Great Teacher

Now I want to start by saying that Laura wasn’t a good friend of mine. There are many people who can count themselves among that number, and it would be disrespectful to them for me to try and jump on that particular wagon. However, I have spent years as content manager at Escort Advertising talking to her about her blog, as well as previously chatting to her extensively on the phone (much to my supervisor’s chagrin) in my previous incarnation as Ad Staff. It is over these years that she taught me so much about what the escort industry was, rather than the vile stereotype portrayed by the media.

What Laura will always be remembered for his her tireless activism on behalf of fellow sex workers. Hers was a shining voice which will now sadly be lacking in that fight for justice. I can only hope that others step up to continue her legacy.

I remember watching her in front of a committee fighting against the Swedish Model. When the politicians arguments fell apart they resorted to calling her a spokesperson for pimps with disgusting, untrue accusations. How she held it together I will never know. No matter what was thrown at her, she kept going. She was a better person than me.

Breaking Down Myths

On a personal note, she was always a really good chat. Whenever she sent an article she would always have a talk about how I was. It was a real pleasure. Oh, and let me say, her writing was top notch. This is from a manager who has very little patience for any work which isn’t top quality. This was really good stuff. It just showed how talented she was in different areas. The press has this idea sex workers only do this job because they are too thick to do anything else, or/and they have mental problems. Laura was proof that that was rubbish.

There will be friends and family of hers who can give more personal stories about her. I have already read what a great mother she was and our thoughts go out to her family at this time. These are just my personal memories of the woman who had everything; brain, beauty, a caring attitude, a fighting spirit. I am sure I have missed something, but the good thing is that the readers of this will know it all already

Goodbye Laura. Irrespective of how well we knew you, all of us are better and more knowledgeable for it.


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