Essentials to Include in Your Outcall Bag as an Escort

Imagine you’re on a lovely date with a fantastic client. Conversations have flowed seamlessly, and things are heating up. You reach into your bag, only to realize you’ve forgotten the condoms. This is highly irritating for your client and distracting for you. This is a situation you want to avoid at all costs. That’s why having an “outcall bag” as an escort is so important.

This bag includes all the items you might need on a date, eliminating any chance of forgetting essentials. It also helps you feel more prepared and confident when leaving for your date.

Essentials to Include in Your Outcall Bag as an Escort

Condoms and Lube

It doesn’t get more essential than this. Make sure you always have condoms on your Outcall Bag. Sometimes the client can provide them, but it’s always advisable to have yours on hand, and more than one. Buy your condoms in bulk and various sizes for obvious reasons.

When it comes to lube, opt for water-based. Research the ingredients carefully so that you don’t experience any discomfort later on. Having these basics covered ensures a smooth experience for both you and your client.

Personal Care Products

Personal care products are crucial for feeling refreshed, hygienic, and sensual throughout the date. You’ll want to freshen up a few times, whether quickly in the bathroom or during a shower. Make sure you have everything packed for this. Include soaps, wet wipes, body cream, perfume, and lip balm—stuff you would need to get ready at home.

It’s recommended to buy your favourite travel-size products and keeping a dedicated set in your outcall bag. This way, you’re always prepared without needing to pack each time.

Toys and Accessories

Toys can significantly spice up a booking. Some clients might ask for specific extras, while others might be pleasantly surprised by your initiative. Bring toys that you enjoy as well. No need to pack handcuffs if you don’t like being tied up, for example.

Consider bringing an additional lingerie set or a roleplay outfit. Massage oil is always a good idea, too. Just make sure you buy a bottle that closes securely. There’s nothing more aggravating than finding oil all over your belongings.

Haircare Essentials

If you want to avoid walking past reception with sex hair, make sure you have at least a comb, some bobby pins, and a hair tie with you. These simple items can go a long way in maintaining your look.

Extras You Might Not Think Of

Consider including a phone charger in your bag. Running out of battery can be a significant inconvenience. Also, carry some cash for unexpected expenses. A small notebook and pen can be handy for taking quick notes or jotting down important information.

Health and Safety

Always carry a first aid kit with basics like band-aids, painkillers, and antiseptic wipes. Your safety is paramount, so having these essentials can make a big difference. Also, consider packing a discreet personal safety alarm.

Having a well-prepared outcall bag as an escort ensures that you’re always ready for whatever the date might bring. It eliminates unnecessary stress and allows you to focus on providing the best experience for your client. Stay prepared, stay professional, and enjoy your dates with confidence.


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