Do Escorts Need To Raise Prices Over Christmas?

For most of us, Christmas is a busy time. We seem to have so much to do, and for escorts this is no different. Many escorts find that the days leading up to the festive period suddenly get busier. They don’t have as much free time as they are constantly being called about appointments and bookings. ’tis the season to be jolly, after all!

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Escorts know how valuable their time is. They choose their own rates, but given how in-demand they are in the countdown to Christmas, do they need to raise their prices?

The most wonderful time

Christmas is the time of year when we will try to spend time with our families and friends. However, this can often be stressful and leave us searching for the perfect way to relax and unwind. For many, this means calling up their favourite escort to book a date.

More and more people are calling escorts around Christmas for dates. They desire their company and so they want to make a booking. Christmas is a busy time in many industries, and the world of escorting is no different.

Some escorts will choose to take some time off in the winter to spend with their loved ones, but a number will continue to work. They will find time for their regular clients calling them to make dates, as well as new clients eager to spend time in good company.

More clients, less time

The rise in the number of potential clients means that Christmas is the perfect time for escorts to advertise. They’ll get even more visibility, but it can also mean that they do not have as much free time as they might like.

It makes the time of the escort even more valuable, which is why a number of clients decide to pay a little more for their time. They want to show that they appreciate their time and understand just how important it is.

Some escorts might take a little time out from working during the Christmas period and adjust their prices so that they can have more time for themselves. Others might work through Christmas and choose to take time out at other points in the year. It is completely their decision, as is their prices. If they choose to raise them, that is completely up to them.

Don’t negotiate on prices

A lot of newbie punters might be tempted to haggle when it comes to booking an escort… especially at Christmas. Doing this will often simply result in your chosen escort refusing to see you. After all, it is a matter of respect.

If you have found an escort you’d love to meet but they are out of your budget, you have two options. The first is to raise your budget and see them. The second is to look for an escort more suited to your price range.

Overall, the prices charged for time and companionship are the choice of each individual escort. If you want to be a great client, then you won’t try haggling. Accept their prices and you’ll have a better time.

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